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I’ve been completely worn out physically, mentally, and emotionally from work, and I seem to be at a standstill in my life with no answers.  Another job would just be the same as all the rest – where my light isn’t needed, only every ounce of my energy.  I haven’t been on the computer much and certainly not in the blog world.  I don’t seem to be able to recover from the drain, but I’m hoping that my past works will still hold an interest to some, and might affect someone’s life for the better.  I hope to come back, but don’t know when.  Thank you for stopping by today.  I hope something here shines a light on you.


The Cap : A Veteran’s Story


The Cap

I like to walk on cool days when the sun is shining on my face. It makes me feel warm and alive. Sometimes I walk into town. Everyone’s in such a rush to get where they’re going. Sometimes I wonder if they see me…really see me. Or am I just another blurred face in the crowd. Do they notice me at all?

Sometimes I wear my Veteran’s cap, and someone will greet me with that special kind of smile, or thank me for my service and reach out to shake my hand or pat me on the back. It’s usually the older folks. I ask myself, “Is this why I wear the cap?” Sometimes I think it is. Or maybe I wear it for my war buddy, Bill, who was running next to me when they shot him between the eyes. Or maybe I wear it for Kevin who came in as a new medic, but never made it to the front line. Man, that day, no medic could help him. Maybe it’s for Adam, who now lives his life in a wheelchair, staring out the window thinking of what could have been, as he watches his children play in the yard. I don’t know anymore.

School buses and automobiles whiz by transporting unfamiliar faces. They don’t know what I’ve seen; what I’ve heard. They don’t know. Every night I pray they never will. The sun is still warm on my face, and the cool breeze balances the warmth so what I’m feeling is – comfort. God, back in those days I never thought I’d ever be able to think that word again.

I stop at a corner and wait for the light to turn green. An elderly man comes from behind me. He stands a little to my right. I can hear his labored breath. I turn toward him, and notice a familiar cap. It reads ‘Veteran’. He knows…he knows. “Are you alright?” I ask. “Here, sit for a while,” and I lead him to a little bench outside of a nearby coffee shop. I gently help him to sit. “I’ll be alright, son,” he replies through heavy breaths. I go inside the shop and bring out a cup of cold water for him and a coffee for me. We sit together for a while. He came home safely from the Korean War, married his high school sweetheart, and had 3 children. After 40 years she passed away, and his children are dispersed throughout the country. He made it alright on his own for many years, but now his health is beginning to wane. He walks every week to the clinic because he can’t drive due to failing eyesight. And the bus doesn’t stop near where he lives. He’ll be going to live with his daughter, but that won’t be for another two months.

We continue on our journey, and I walk the rest of the way with him to make sure he arrives safely. I help him to the second floor to the modest, little apartment he calls “home”. “Look, what about if I pick you up next week, and drive you to the clinic,” I say. There’s a pause, then he looks at me with tearing eyes. “You’d do that for me, son?” he asks surprised. “Sure! We veterans have to stick together, right?” “Can we have some ice cream after my appointment?” he asks. I smile. “You got it!”

I made it back to the land of the free – free to show kindness, free to help a buddy in despair, free to still serve my country. I don’t know why he trusted me – a stranger. Maybe it was the comradely cap. Maybe that’s why I wear it. Yeah!

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Hello Friends…

Thank you for joining me today on Leisure Lane.  Not long ago, my cousin, Diana St. John, Vice President of the non-profit organization Driven By Heroes, and I were talking. It was a wonderful conversation from which the above story was inspired.  Driven by Heroes, as their mission statement emphasizes, strives “To Honor and Enhance the Quality of Life for United States Military Veterans, Current Military Personnel, and their Families.” Through transportation programs, Driven By Heroes, provides free rides for veterans to their critical care medical appointments.  If you would like to learn more about  Driven By Heroes and their upcoming events, or would like to contact them, simply click here.

I hope your day is full of remembrances of the blessings we have in our lives, due to the sacrifices of our brave warriors and their families.  May God bless you all – today and everyday!

Until next time, may happy days abound!


Note: The above story is fictional.  Any resemblance to persons living or deceased is purely coincidental.  This story is not to be used in any form without permission from the author.  If you would like to use this story or any part of this story for positive or inspirational use, feel free to contact me on my Contact/Licensing page. Thank you.

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A Tour of Bluebird Cottage

page Hello Friends…

Thank you for joining me here today at Leisure Lane, and I’d like to welcome my new followers.  I hope you always find something here to comfort the soul.

Well, as promised I’d like to share some of the strides I’ve made with Bluebird Cottage.  I’m trying to keep it as simple and as uncluttered as possible (which is why there are still a bunch of boxes in the middle of the living area floor that I just don’t know what to do with.  No pictures of that as promised ;) ).

But I’ve created a few vignettes I hope you enjoy.  Click on the photos at any time to enlarge.

IMG_2253The washstand in the bedroom is perfect for displaying some vintage and antique linens and bowls, and I can swap them out during the year with other collectibles that, at the moment, are stored away.

IMG_2252This lovely bowl has been put away for years, and now I’m able to enjoy it again.  And the bird cage is a perfect place to feature the pretty bluebird my sister gave to me years ago.  If you’ve noticed, I’ve symbolically opened the door to the cage.

IMG_2254The top of my dresser features one of the ‘new’ vintage finds I purchased just before my move.  A perfect place for my favorite pretty perfume bottles my son gave to me for my birthday when he was a little boy.  IMG_2254Those pretty little ladies used to be on my dresser when I was a young girl. They were my mothers.  I don’t know how old they are. They’re plaster figurines that I’ve always had a fondness for.  And the powder/music box in the center was my grandmother’s.  It’s a treasure to me.   As you can see, I’m trying to stay simple.

IMG_2256And some very lovely vintage ladies hang on a narrow wall next to my closet door.  I still have some more items to hang.  But even with that I’m staying simple and uncluttered.

IMG_2258The dining area is uncluttered with a couple of bookshelves and an old dresser.

IMG_2263This beautiful Capodimonte ceramic bouquet was purchased many years ago in Las Vegas.  It, too, has been packed away in the closet for nearly 20 years.  Now it’s ready to shine again, and bring some beauty into my life. Capodimonte pieces are exquisite, but extremely fragile and, therefore, hard to dust.  If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know.  IMG_2259Little vignettes feature some fall faux flowers and some treasures of the heart.

IMG_2262Years ago, when my son was older, I took some little pieces that he had made me in elementary school, like the above flower pot with his message of love sprawled on it, and updated them with some faux ivy and flowers.  IMG_2261A porcelain heart, which my son named, “In the Womb of Jesus”, at the time I created it takes its place in a blue vignette.

It will be fun to interchange the items I have for the various seasons…to enjoy the few, but precious, long lost beauties that I’ve collected over the years…to bring a positive energy to my surroundings.  I’ve already notice the difference.

Next week I’ll share my gratitude journal, and how some entries led to this new beginning.  And I’ll be featuring a wonderful leather bound journal in a giveaway!

Thank you again, for strolling by the lane.  I hope you enjoyed the tour.  May your day be filled with cool breezes and sunshine, and…

Until next time, may happy days abound!


New Cover

Page 2 cover design

Hello friends,

Today I actually feel a little more like myself as far as recovery goes.  Thank you for the well wishes.

This is the new cover I uploaded for now.  Simple, yet pretty.

Next week I will post about Bluebird Cottage, and my gratitude journal giveaway.  I hope your day is full of bliss, and…

Until next time, may happy days abound!


New Cover Option

New Cover design 3Good day to all…

I’m thinking I’m on the mend.  It’s slow but sure.  In the meantime, I’ve played around with a new cover design. [September 28th update: I changed the color of title – I think it stands out better. The image is of a charcoal drawing I did decades ago of an ‘old fashion’ woman.]

I hope you are all well today, and that you are enjoying some of the coolness of early autumn.  It’s raining here today, which is fine, since I’m just going to snuggle up with some hot tea.  Yesterday, I watched The Quiet Man with John Wayne and Maureen O’hara.  I love that movie, and I think mostly because of the beautiful Irish country scenes.

Thank you for taking the time to stroll by Leisure Lane.  Be well, my friends, and…

Until next time, may happy days abound!


A Happy Autumn “Hello”

IMG_1769Dear Friends,

It’s not too late to send all of you a Happy Autumn Hello.  I hope you’re starting the season healthy and happy.

Get Well -detail framedI’ve been a bit under the weather with a cold/sinus infection, so I haven’t been on the computer in a while. It was inevitable, I suppose with all the confusion I had allowed to build up in my soul and getting nearly no sleep before and during the move. But I’m on the road to recovery, and I’m also happy to say that ‘Bluebird Cottage’ is coming along quite nicely.  I’m hoping to show some of my efforts in making the apartment a soothing, welcoming cottage.  This time around I’m going for simple and pristine.  Now if I can figure out what to do with the remaining things in the middle of my living area floor :/

I also will be sharing with you, in increments, an amazing testimony about moving into this new place, and how God’s amazing grace and Love and mercy is all a part of this new beginning. And it will include my gratitude journal. So keep writing in your journals, my dears, because it really matters!

Well, that’s all for now.  I’m off to take some photos (not the middle of the living room floor ;) ) , to plan my next post, and to get in a little more rest.  Rest, my friends, take the time to lay your head and close your eyes for a while. It’s vital to your state of well-being.

Until next time, may happy days abound!

Marianne ♥

A Little Something Extra

And don’t forget, my Christmas in September $.99 ebook sale is still going on.  The Christmas Pin Society (a novella), and The Empty, Little Stocking (a Christmas tale) are still only $.99 on Amazon Kindle!  And they make great gifts, too!

The Heart of Annie…Book Promo

IMG ad 1Good day everyone!

Above is a little experiment I worked on today.  I used a charcoal drawing I did eons ago, antiqued it, and used it as a book promo.  I know it’s not the cover of the book, but I think it’s pretty cool.  Actually it was my original intent to use this image as the cover.

Well, that’s what I was up to today.  It’s raining.  A very September kind of day.  Hope your day is a good one.

Until next time, may happy days abound!


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