Leisure Lane Jigsaw Puzzles

I am happy to announce that my lovely blog photos are now available as jigsaw puzzles through my shop, Leisure Lane Puzzles, on Create Jigsaw Puzzles. They make perfect gifts for your favorite jigsaw puzzle enthusiast, or for yourself to relax and spend some leisurely hours. So, pour yourself your favorite cuppa, and let’s enjoy some puzzle fun!

Click on image to go directly to my shop.

Vintage Hankies  Vintage Hankies – 500 pieces

Elaborate Bouquet  Elaborate Bouquet – 285 pieces



dn_product_share.aspx  Teapot – 285 pieces

Soul Food  Soul Food in Red – 285 pieces

Vintage Rose  Shabby Chic Rose – 285 pieces

Romantic Chic Theatrics  Romantic Chic Theatrics – 285 pieces

Tea and Fortune Cookies  Tea and Fortune Cookies – 285 pieces

Be Mine  Be Mine – 285 pieces

Leisure Lane  Leisure Lane – 285 pieces

Arts & Crafts  Arts & Crafts – 285 pieces

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