Tea and Love to Mend

Teacup cardHello friends, and welcome…

I took a ladybug note card (blank inside)…

Teacup card 3and cherry-cheery napkins I bought at a dollar store (aren’t they the sweetest? I knew I’d find something to use them for).  I cut out part of it for the teacup, and with the left over piece I cut out a little handle.

Then I pasted the napkin cup onto some sturdier paper, and cut around the shape.  Afterward, I glued it onto the inside of the note card.

Teaciup card 2Finally, I wrote a sentiment, printed it out on paper, and glued it to the inside of the card…

Teacup card 4added a teabag (I really used a Green tea/Jasmine, but the Earl Grey looks better for the photo), put it in its envelope, and placed it in my dear neighbor/friend’s mailbox.  She was wounded in an accident, and this is just a little way to let her know I’m here for her.

Thank you for visiting Leisure Lane.  It’s always a pleasure to see you, and to spend some time together.

May you all be safe and healthy, and may the Lord bless you and keep you under His wings.  Until next time, may happy days abound!


Note:  The above card sentiment is copyright©2013 Marianne C9yne.  All rights reserved.

About the Knittington Fairies

Hello Friends,

I wanted to briefly share with you the beginnings of  the Knittington Fairies.  One evening in 2007 I had just finished making a card for someone, when suddenly I imagined a whimsical face with quirky hair frantically knitting a “Merry Christmas” message (it was close to Christmas).  As I began to sketch she took on a life of her own with fairy wings, a flowing dress and a star in her hair.  The next day I made a Thanksgiving fairy.

Before I knew it I had a fairy for every month of the year, and the Knittington Fairies were born.  It was as if each one whispered their name, and their personalities seemed to pop off the pages.

I will be adding more pictures as the blog develops, so keep checking back.  And I’ll keep you up to date on any new paintings, stories, or drawings that will be added to the neighborhood on Leisure Lane.

Until next time, may happy days abound.


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