Introspective Autumn


“I really love Autumn! A time for introspection, cozy thoughts, cozy feelings, baked aromas, and tea.” Marianne Coyne

Good day, friends,

Take some time today to indulge in one of the above…..with an inspiring scripture on your lips – your soul will thank you.

Until next time, may happy days abound!


Note:  The above image is a detail from the original oil painting, With the Within, by Marianne Coyne.

Cool Down with Colors and Thoughts of Autumn


Hi, everyone….I hope you are all doing well today.

I know we should remain in the moment, and it’s nice to revel in summer aromas and the warm sun.  But with temperatures soaring and heat indexes hitting 109+, I can’t help but think of cooler autumn days.  So rummaging through my yarn piles I found this pretty deep blue that reminded me of autumn, and immediately set out to knit something…anything…I think it’s going to be an ear-warmer headband similar to one I saw on…yes…Pinterest 😉

So if it’s just too darn hot where you live, and thinking of that sensational upcoming season cools you down a bit, then go for it…colored leaves, crisp cool breezes, knitting or crocheting beckoning to be played with, a good book beckoning to be read, or the taste of apple crisp…any thought that can do the trick to keep you cooler and more comfortable.  And I will add being grateful for air conditioning helps too.  It’s something I don’t ever take for granted.

I’m not really a knitter, but I like to do simple things on occasion.  It comforts me.  As for you real knitters out there – well, you’re amazing!  So keep inspiring us.  How about you?  Have you been thinking of the cooler autumn and feeling like knitting or crocheting lately?  I’d love to hear about it.

Until next time, may happy days abound!


Handmade Jack-O-Lantern and More


Good day, and welcome to all my visitors!

It’s REDnesday today at Brown Gingham Creations, and I’m joining our host Melody and guests by showing some of my Autumn reds.

I must start with my “handsome”, handmade Jack-O-Lantern.  I saw something very similar in a store many years ago, and thought to myself that I could make one with a more home-y appeal.  So I got out some wonderful autumn fabrics I’d been saving for something special, and VOILA!…a happy Jack for years to come.

I put together this lovely basket full of leaves some years ago, and pull it out every Autumn.  I just love it.  I guess because around these neck of the woods we don’t get fall colors the way other parts of the country do, so we have to create our own color inside.

I think Autumn is Grand!   The colors are warm and always give me a cozy feel.  Now if the temperatures could get out of the 80s we’d really be in business 🙂

Thank you for visiting Leisure Lane today.  Stop by anytime.  And if  you like reds, or would like to share some of your own, don’t forget to stop by Brown Gingham Creations and join the fun.   And make sure you check out all of her fantastic featured recipes that are sure to make the season a little more “Boo-tiful”.

Until next time, may happy days abound!


Autumn Still

Hello friends,

Usually after Thanksgiving (and sometimes before) everyone is in a rush for Christmas.  I love Christmas, too, but it’s still autumn, and I’d like to slowly take it in and savor every moment.  So today I’d like to share two things I created.

The first is the basket full of faux autumn leaves I made many years ago.  It’s been tucked away for quite a few years.  But this year I decided to grace my table with it again.  I think it truly captures the aura of fall – especially on the pretty pashmina I recently purchased.

I’d also like to share a song I wrote about autumn.  I’m not a musician so I usually forget the melody with which I originally wrote the words.  But I like the message nevertheless, and perhaps one day I’ll just put another melody to it, or I’ll recollect the original.

Autumn…A Wonderful Time Of Year

 Autumn is a wonderful time of year…
When the air turns crisp and cool,
And yellow buses head off to school
Autumn is a wonderful time of year.

 Autumn is a wonderful time of year…
When the leaves turn gold and red,
And it’s early off to bed
Autumn is a wonderful time of year.

 Apple crisp is baking,
Children busy raking…piles of leaves to jump in
Hip Hooray!

 Pumpkins at the front door,
Hot cider from the town store…with cinnamon to warm
On a chilly day.

 Autumn is a wonderful time of year…
When Jack Frost comes to call
In an early morning Fall.
Autumn is a wonderful time of year.

 Autumn is a wonderful time of year…
When the sun is earlier rising,
And a brisk walk is enticing
Autumn is a wonderful time of year.

 Father watching football,
Children playing tackle…Mother baking pies
For company.

 Autumn please don’t hurry,
Please linger, don’t you scurry…so quickly this time
Away from me.

 Autumn is a wonderful time of year…
When our hearts are set aglow,
With giving thanks for those we know.
Autumn is a wonderful time of year.

 Autumn is a wonderful time of year…
When learning 1 + 1 is 2,
And that I’m happy I have you

Autumn is a wonderful time~~~~

Autumn is a wonderful time~~~~

Autumn is a wonderful time of year~~~

Thank you for strolling by Leisure Lane.  I am joining Pink Saturday with our host, Beverly, from How Sweet the Sound.  Until next time, may happy days abound!


The above song, “Autumn…A Wonderful Time of Year” is a copyright©2008 Marianne Coyne

Hello Old Friend

Happy Autumn, friends…

Welcome to Leisure Lane.  Sip your tea or coffee while you settle into Autumn with a song about my favorite season.  Some of my ‘poems’ are songs, but since you can’t here the melody, you’re welcome to make up one of your own or simply read it like a poem.  Which ever way you read it, I hope you enjoy it, and it makes you smile.  I’ll be posting more through the autumn because, well, “I’ve gotta million of ’em”. (COL)

Hello, Old Friend 
(an Autumn song)

Hello, old friend, you’re here again.
My heart is warm with cheer.
The leaves are turning, my heart is burning
With love for this time of year.

 Cool breezes chill the air,
Apple crisp baked with care;
Cider is warming, hay rides are charming;
Pumpkins at the fair.

 Hello, old friend, you’re here again.
Let me light a fire;
Find a book, sit in a nook,
And pass away the hour.

 Old town clocks together chime,
Telling us the hour’s time;
Sound more clear when you are here,
Like a child’s rhyme.

 Hello, Autumn, my old friend.
I’m so glad you’re here again.
Please tarry long, where you belong,
Let my heart be your domain.

copyright©2008 Marianne Coyne

Your welcome to stroll along the Lane, relax and enjoy.  If you’d like to visit by leaving a comment, I’m sure to get back to you.

Until next time, may happy days abound!


The above image is the original oil painting, “Sheltering Oak” by Marianne Coyne.

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