Falling in Love with the Eternal Spirit

Good day all. It’s the day after Valentine’s Day, and I would like to share with you an excerpt from The Gardener of My Soul which I think is appropriate for this time – when we have our thoughts on love.

Speaking of love, I want to briefly say, my brother passed last Friday. It was a bittersweet thing (mostly bitter), as he’d suffered from an illness for two-thirds of his life, an illness that just kept bringing more suffering as each year progressed. And sweet because finally he is whole, youthful again and nearer to God than ever. So, in honor of love in all its forms, I share the following with you. I hope it brings you closer to your Source.


I am in love with You!  I want to sing Your praises all the day.  Like a love-struck youth, I gloat in the giddiness of my affections.  I want to tell everyone of Your beauty.  My friends fear that I lose myself in You, but I am not afraid.  I desire to be lost in You, for I lose nothing of importance, but I gain all that matters – Eternal Bliss!

Note to the beloved:

If you have ever fallen in love, you know the feeling that comes with it – the pure essence of spring, where everything seems to be blooming in the garden of your heart no matter what season it is.  During this intense time, even past hurts are beyond your memory.  It is the same when you realize the presence of Eternal Love.  It takes up all of your mind and heart; every moment your thoughts are consumed with it.  It is all you can think and talk about, and even if you awake in the middle of the night your thoughts immediately begin adoration of the object of your affection.  This is the beginning of Spiritual love as well as natural love.  But as time passes, as with all newly discovered love, you may sense a lull of attention from the Lover.  Don’t fear this part of the relationship, for God never tires of you and will never leave you.  Rather the trust of marriage must now be forged.  He has made His way into your heart, and you must know, without a shadow of doubt, that He will always be yours.  Trusting in His love is the only way you will live a full and satisfied life.


Thank you for visiting today. Take the time to tell someone you love them, even if it’s just looking in the mirror. Relax today, shine your light, take deep, cleansing breaths, and…

Until next time, may happy days abound!



Kare and Mare: The Goddess Within

Kare and Mare

Hello friends, and welcome to Leisure Lane…

Wow!  Thank you all very much for the big welcome you’ve given “Kare and Mare”.  I’m trying to get a Kare and Mare Valentine up and running, but the printer needs ink for the scanner to work…so hopefully by Valentine’s day it will be up…anyway, in the meantime here’s one to wet your whistle.  I believe there’s a little bit of ‘goddess’ in all of us.  Enjoy!

May the sun shine in your lives no matter the weather outside.  I appreciate your visits, comments, and most of all, the bounty of cheer you give to me.

Until next time, may happy days abound!

Marianne ☺

Note:  Kare and Mare is a comic panel created by Marianne Coyne.  All rights reserved.

Happy Valentine’s Day To All, and Happy Birthday To Me!!

Yes, friends…I’m allowing myself the indulgence of bragging about my birthday.  I think birthdays are GRAND!!  I don’t think about the age as much as the celebration of  birth and Life.  Age is really timeless, but Life is where vitality is found.

I admit that I don’t always live Life to its fullest, but I’m doing the best I can, and anyway,  “to the fullest’ is a relative term.

St. Valentine’s Day is not only for romantic love – it’s just for LOVE!

For me St. Valentine’s Day is the perfect day of year to make a new year’s resolution to Love…to begin the change in one’s Life to replace the small ‘l’ love with the capital ‘L” Love.  The Love that is sincere and genuine, and that comes from the center of the heart.

Most of us awaken every morning, look in the mirror and see the things we don’t like about ourselves.  But February 14th is the perfect day to awaken,  look into the mirror and say “I Love You”.  That could be the beginning of all sorts of wonderful possibilities.  Like a pebble dropped into a pond, the ripples that go out affect the world around us.

The above image is made of numbered pictures.  The following is what they represent:

1.  Hearts are made for Loving not breaking.  To Love fully and freely from the bottom of my heart.
2.  Anything is possible with faith and God.
3.  How far I’ve come.  Leisure Lane is blossoming along with myself.
4.  When I feel like giving up ~ remember to keep my wings spread.  That’s when flight is possible.

I wish all of you a Happy Valentine’s Day.  Treat yourself to something nice.  And until next time, may happy days abound!

Marianne ♥

Above photos are the copyrighted property of Marianne Coyne

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