Fairy Cards ~ 5 Pack

Hello friends…

A variety pack of The Knittington Fairies blank note cards are for sale.  There are 5 designs in the set, and they are tied together with a pretty blue ribbon. 

The set includes:

“Tea Time”

    “Join Me For Tea”

“Dare To Be Different”

“Fun At The Seashore”


You can order it by clicking The Knittington Fairies Shop & Gallery.  The cards can be used as note cards or framed.  I’m also considering printing them as post cards.  If you like that idea, please leave a comment letting me know.

I’m hoping soon to be able to put more of my time into creating and getting more fun things out to you…fingers crossed!

I’ll be linking on Monday Marketplace with Debra at Common Ground.

Thank you for visiting Leisure Lane.  Until next time, may happy days abound!


Monday Marketplace

Hello friends…

Welcome to Leisure Lane where Spring is in the air a little early this year.  And to spring off in a fun and exciting direction, Debra from Common Ground has started a brand new ‘Monday Marketplace’ where bloggers can feature their store and items for sale, or items they’ve purchased. I hope to share some very exciting Mondays with all the participants as I feature products from My Little Bloomin’ Shop and The Knittington Fairies Shop and Gallery.

My first feature for Monday Marketplace are these lovely mini potholders. Aren’t their colors the embodiment of Spring?

These 5 ” x 5″ mini potholders are delightfully cheery, and hand~knitted with 100% cotton yarn.  They’re a lot of fun because they can be used for all sorts of things…coasters, holding hot bowls in the palm of your hand (you know, while you’re eating your soup or oatmeal in front of the television), lifting up hot lid handles, and they’re especially perfect for holding pot handles because they fit in your hand without hanging too far to catch a flame. (Not recommended for extremely hot items out of the oven) They come tied together with a pink ribbon for presentation.  Set of 4 ~ Price ~$6.00

To order please click My Little Bloomin’ Shop.  Thank you for visiting. Feel free to stroll around, and see what other exciting things are happening here on Leisure Lane.

Thank you Debra at Common Ground for hosting Monday Marketplace.

Until next time, may happy days abound!

Marianne ☺

The Joy of June

Remember when June weddings were all the rave?  Well, it’s no different in Knittington, where the air is filled with excitement for the wedding of Lovliana.  She certainly is lovely, isn’t she?  Lovliana is ready to say “I do” to her beau.  What a happy day in Knittington!

from The Knittington Fairies

Until next time, may happy days abound.


You can visit Lovliana at The Knittington Fairies’ Shop & Gallery


Make A Wish!

IMG_0351 bright 2

Emma Jane is an exuberant fairy, who believes in putting everything she
has into a wish.  Though she is sometimes unaware of her strength, her
little friends can quite attest to the magnanimity of her success.

Welcome to Leisure Lane, friends.  Emma Jane is joining The Knittington Fairies’ Shop & Gallery.  Do you have a wish?  I hope she’s encouraged you to make one today…make it big, and put all you have into it just like Emma Jane.  I know you can do it!  Have the courage to receive it within your spirit, and you shall have it. (Mark 11:22-25)

IMG_0352 br

You just might ‘blow’ others away when they see your success.

Have a glorious day, and expect the best.  Until next time, may happy days abound!


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