Leisure Lane: a Thanksgiving Song

Happy Thanksgiving, my friends…

Here on Leisure Lane we are celebrating Thanksgiving tomorrow. But truthfully, every day is an opportunity to be thankful for something, and I pray that there is something in your life that you can be thankful for and which can be a seed planted for many more good thankful things to come.

Among many things I am thankful for, one is this blog and the wonderful people who have visited here over its eight-year journey. So, thank you for making Leisure Lane a joy. I hope it has blessed you as much as you have blessed me. And in honor of all of this I would like to share this little song that popped into my head about 10 minutes ago. I hope it makes you smile…enjoy! (If I could sing, I’d make a video and sing it to you – but, yeah…that’s not going to happen 😉  )

L e i s u r e   L a n e

I’m skipping over to Leisure Lane,
Where happy thoughts are never in vain,
And the sun mostly shines without much rain…
I’m going to Leisure Lane.

My friends are coming to join me there,
We’ll breathe the cool, refreshing air,
And stroll the Lane without a care…
I’m going to Leisure Lane.

There are so many things to visit and see,
I wish you all could come with me
To share the sights and stop for tea…
I’m going to Leisure Lane.

I’m skipping over to Leisure Lane,
Where happy thoughts are never in vain,
I love to visit again and again…
I’m going to Leisure Lane….

Marianne Coyne
copyright 11/21/2018

Thank you for skipping over to Leisure Lane today. Have a joy in giving thanks where ever you are, and…

Until next time, may happy days abound!


Note: the above song is by Marianne Coyne. All rights reserved.

Fairy Cards ~ 5 Pack

Hello friends…

A variety pack of The Knittington Fairies blank note cards are for sale.  There are 5 designs in the set, and they are tied together with a pretty blue ribbon. 

The set includes:

“Tea Time”

    “Join Me For Tea”

“Dare To Be Different”

“Fun At The Seashore”


You can order it by clicking The Knittington Fairies Shop & Gallery.  The cards can be used as note cards or framed.  I’m also considering printing them as post cards.  If you like that idea, please leave a comment letting me know.

I’m hoping soon to be able to put more of my time into creating and getting more fun things out to you…fingers crossed!

I’ll be linking on Monday Marketplace with Debra at Common Ground.

Thank you for visiting Leisure Lane.  Until next time, may happy days abound!


Something Borrowed, Something Blue

Hello Friends,

Last Tuesday I shared a wonderfully interesting cup for Teacup Tuesday ‘borrowed’ from my friend, Brenda.  Well, this week I am sharing her photos of a second set she bought at a garage sale right here in my neighborhood (I had to work that day – phooy!)

They are from Germany, but I couldn’t find much about them.  Brenda found out some information about them, and posted the following in ‘comments’:

“From information I have found before concerning the teacups, Konigliche Manufaktur is the company that manufactured the cups and the “artist” or creator is C. Bavaria. Altenkirchen is a district in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany, according to this link;
So actually I am wondering if these teacups came from this district. There was another website where I saw more porcelain from Konigliche that had marks by Bavaria where the handles were all different. This may be THE style of creating; each piece unique of being in the same set, but all different designs just as my cups are all painted different, but in the same set. Anyway, I love them and am happy of the find!! Thanks, Marianne, for posting them.” AND

“I also found this piece of information. This was on a Michael C. Fina website:

Konigliche Porzellan- Manufaktur treasures porcelain as if it were “white gold”. Frederick the Great, the Prussian King, shared the same rapture and he gave Konigliche Porzellan- Manufaktur his name and symbol.

Clinging to the age-old tradition, the Konigliche Porzellan-Manufaktur porcelain is still shaped by hand and elaborately painted in Berlin.”

They’re wonderfully cheerful, don’t you think?  And the shape of the saucers are fun – like flower petals.

She took a photo of them stacked to show that each cup had a different design.  She calls them ‘happy cups’ and I have to agree.  I’m glad I was able to share these with you.

To see more wonderful Teacups, stop by to visit the hosts of Teacup Tuesday, Terri (Artful Affirmations) and Martha (Martha’s Favorites).

If you like tea time and fairies, click on The Knittington Fairies’ Shop & Gallery for more goodies.

Special thanks to Brenda for sharing her precious cups and saucers.  Thank you for visiting Leisure Lane, and until next time, may happy days abound!


Above images from photographs by Brenda S.

Tutorial Coming Next Tuesday


Hello friends,

For next Teacup Tuesday, March 1st, I will be posting a tutorial for making a ‘cup of tea’ card similar to the one above.   They make great surprise gifts to send to someone.  It’s easy and fun to create, so don’t forget to stop by.

I like to collect blank note cards because I can make them unique and personal.  This one was made with one of my Knittington Fairy designs.  Hope to see you then.

Until next time, may happy days abound.


Note:  The above image is a card from The Knittington Fairies series by Marianne Coyne©

One More Tea Cup

Hello friends,

Well, today is Teacup Tuesday, sponsored by two lovely ladies, Terri, from Artful Affirmations, and Martha, from Martha’s Favorites.  I actually have another cup to share.  Painfully, this may be my last one to share for now (until I get another), but it won’t stop me from enjoying all of yours.  So I will keep looking forward to Teacup Tuesday.

Well, this cup/saucer is from a set that a friend gave to me.  The set includes a creamer, sugar bowl, and some dishes.  I like the color and the toile design very much – don’t you?

As you can see it’s made in England, and I’m very fond of it.  I’ve really never been a mug person, though I do have some that I enjoy; they’re just too clunky, awkward, and heavy, and detract from the quiet ‘energy’ of drinking tea in my opinion.  For me nothing says “tea” (or even an occassional cup of coffee) like a real teacup.

Though, I would like to say a little something about mugs.  I do have a favorite – it’s the one that my son gave to me for Mother’s Day many years ago when he was 7 years old.  Hmmmm…maybe I can share that one next Tuesday – what do you think?

Speaking of tea, I’d like to mention a wonderful tea blog that I think you will enjoy.  Tea Pages, by Katrina, has everything from tea reviews and the business of tea to wonderfully written musings, and much more.  A perfect topper to Teacup Tuesday.  I’m looking forward to her new book  “Tea Memories”.  Just click Tea Pages to find out more.

Thank you for dropping by.  It’s always a pleasure visiting.  Until next time, may happy days abound.

Marianne ♥

The Fairy Cards

Hello dear friends,

We  had a very pleasant Thanksgiving, and I hope all of you did, too.

I have been getting so many requests for the Knittington Fairy cards, that I decided to set up a page which will allow our visitors to order directly from me for the time being.  Click on the “Contact Me” link for more information.

Elenora,  is sending her Merry Christmas wishes, and she is now added to our Knittington Fairy page.  Her friend, Penelope will be following soon to bring Happy New Year wishes to one and all.

Thank  you for dropping by, and until next time, may happy days abound!



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