Sweet Memories Card

A sweet memories card can make a day sweeter.  Hello, everyone, and welcome to Leisure Lane today.  I’d like to share the most recent card I’ve made.  I used some bits and pieces of items to create a fun outside.  The Mia bottle cap accessory was from a small collection I had from wine bottles used at work.  They were so bright and colorful, I couldn’t resist thinking I could use them for something creative.

Open the card, and a surprise tea bag awaits for some relaxation.  On the left side I added a little handmade envelope to enclose a tea poem or sweet note.

Well, I’m off for a little tea, myself, and some delightful cookies before starting on my next project.  I hope you enjoyed your visit today, and…

Until next time, may happy days abound!



Sing Me a Song


Sing me a song, and I’ll pour you some tea.
Don’t make it loud, but hum it gently.
Let the words gracefully flow from your lips,
As I move to its rhythm with soft swaying hips.
And when you are done we will laugh and rejoice,
That life is so happy when that is our choice.

Marianne Coyne©2014

Thank you for strolling by Leisure Lane.  Until next time, may happy days abound!


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