A Friendship Garden

Hello Friends,

I’d like to share a card I made for my dear friend, Karen, in San Antonio, Texas.  I haven’t seen her for quite some years now since she moved.  We talk at least once a week, not as often as we used to, and I miss her very much.  I decided to make her a special card.

The yellow ‘daffodils’ are from a painting sketch I did a while back, and I built up from there.  I wanted it to resemble a garden…she loves gardens.

The tiny bit of left over lace reminded me of a pretty fence.  And I added some three dimensional flowers to give it more texture and dimension.  The little blue butterfly’s wings are actually away from the paper in flight and the flight “tail wind” is made with left over slivers of paper I had trimmed away from another piece of paper.

I liked making the wings flutter with my fingers…It’s the child in me.

Another angle to see the flowers better.  I now wish I had added a bit of glitter to it to add a little sparkle.

The inside.  Oops, I might have forgotten to erase the pencil lines…☺…

“From Seeds of Love…a friendship garden grows”

I hope you enjoyed your visit here at Leisure Lane, and I hope it gave you a chance to relax and breathe in a bit of love and friendship.

Until next time, may happy days abound!


copyright©2012 Marianne Coyne

Seeds of Love Journal

SL Journal pageGood day, friends…

As always, welcome to Leisure Lane.  Take your shoes off, sip a cup of your favorite beverage, and relax while I show you my latest creation.  I enjoyed decorating the Love and Blessing journal so much that I decided to make another.

I’ve used many lovely items; some new, some used and weathered to give it a wonderful shabby chic look.  And I love the colors and pattern which give it a nice vintage look, too.

(click to on images to enlarge)

SL journal insideInside cover



The mini journal is closed with a white organza ribbon.  It looks beautiful displayed on a stand, or laying on your sweetest lace or crocheted doily ready to receive your most inner thoughts.

If you would like to own this unique Seeds of Love mini journal, go to My Little Bloomin’ Shop to order.

I hope all of you have a blessed day, full of love and joy.

A Little Something Extra

H*A*P*P*Y    4th    OF   J*U*L*Y

July 2 Br

All the fairies in Knittington take pleasure in dressing for special occasions, and Julia is no exception.  The month of July bursts with the excitement of picnics and fireworks, warm sun and sweet breezes.  Julia inspires all the fairies to patriotism by knitting flags for everyone in her sailor inspired dress.

See more of The Knittington Fairies

Until next time, may happy days abound!


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