Resurrection Inspiration

No One Knew the Mystery of Jesus

No one knew the mystery of the Father.
No one knew the mystery of Love.
How He gave His heart
And took our part,
That mystery of Devotion from above…

No one knew the mystery of Sorrow.
No one knew the mystery of Bliss,
As He hung upon a tree
For the sake of you and me,
That mystery of Triumph with a holy kiss.

No one knew the mystery of Jesus.
No one knew the mystery of Eternity;
How God in man
Could unfold a plan,
That mystery of perfect harmony.

Now the time for mysteries is over.
For nothing hidden will not be revealed.
Simply seek and you will find,
As you renew your precious mind
To the mind of the Love and the Father above…

Forever, and ever….Amen!

Marianne Coyne©2017

I hope that this song inspired you today to live a resurrected life of joy, well-being and love.  Happy Easter to everyone, may God bless you all, and until next time…may happy days abound!

Marianne ♥

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Renewed Mind=Renewed Life

“Most assuredly, I say to you, unless one is born again,
he cannot see the kingdom of God.”  John 3:3

Hello, Friends,

With Easter coming up, I’ve been contemplating the concept of renewing the mind and rebirth ~ amazing topics which would not be hard to expound on.  Much could be said on them, but sometimes less is more.

In 2009 I began to write a group of poems under the category I called “Poetry Schmoetry” (how that came about is a story in itself, and surely for another time).  The following poem is one from that group, and written after an epiphany I had.  What’s remarkable about epiphanies is that they are not confined to a once-in-a-lifetime time frame, but can be repeated as many times as we need them to be, until they become actual practices in our lives.

The following epiphany, though experienced a couple of years back, came into its fullness only a few weeks ago.

A New Day

 Seems like every time I turn around an awareness hits
me.  Mostly about myself and then immediately about
my Self.  Does it ever end?  Hopefully not, because
then the journey would be over. 

 I use to say, “Tomorrow is a new day.”  Then I would
look forward to the dawn to start life fresh.  Now I say,
“Now is a new day; this very moment.  I don’t have to
wait for the sun to come up tomorrow.  The new day starts
now; this minute.”  Wow!  That’s a powerful Truth.
And the most wonderful part about it is that I’m aware of
it; heightened, and enthused. 

 So now, whenever I blunder, no matter how big or small,
I am aware, and can immediately change the
thought, the pattern, whatever…That’s power.  The present
moment is our dawn.  I always look forward to a “new day”.

 copyright©2009 Marianne Coyne

Jesus talked a lot about sowing and reaping.  I can feel His anxiousness in getting us to understand this simple concept for our own sakes.  He was always speaking resurrection concepts.  If our thoughts are seeds, then it stands to reason that our lives will be a harvest of our thoughts.  And the amazing, most wonderful thing is that since our thoughts can change in an instant, we always have a new opportunity to plant fresh seeds.  That’s very exciting to me!

Closer to Easter I will publish another post on this concept.  I hope to ‘see’ you then.  Until next time, may happy days abound.


Image is from the original oil painting, “Primroses”, by Marianne Coyne

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