Sympathy Card

IMG_1656Hello Friends,

Thank you for joining me today as I show you a sympathy card I made for someone who recently lost her husband.  These are not happy cards for me to make, as you can well imagine, and especially that this particular couple were still young in the scheme of things.  But I wanted to acknowledge her husband’s passing with something from my heart.

I used the same Prologue from Hereafter, as I did in another similar version, but without the added lace and beading as the other, since I felt it made it look too feminine.  I wanted to keep it more simple. I did add some netting and a bit of seaside sparkle to keep with the theme and to add a little brightness.  I don’t know why I chose musical paper for an accent layer, perhaps it represents the song of the sea, or perhaps something more hidden, yet to be discovered about the couple.  Nevertheless, something within me nudged me to utilize it.

May your day be brightened with gratitude of Life and Breath for our loved ones and ourselves, and may you all be blessed.

Until next time, my friends, may happy days abound!

Marianne ♥

Note:  The above verse is from the Prologue to Hereafter. 

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