The Lighthouse

Good day everyone.  I hope you are all well.  I saw a photo of a lighthouse today and it inspired me to write the following.  May something simple inspire you to do something great today, too.

The Lighthouse

The lighthouse stood before me;
‘Twas not so very tall,
But its light, it shone most brightly
For all to see its call.

“Beware,” it warns the ships at sea;
“Beware, and come not near.
For there are rocks beneath your sight.
Make haste, make haste to veer.”

The light within her never dims;
Her purpose never fails.
Not through clear and moonlit nights
Nor fog or stormy gales.

She knows the light she carries
Is the One who dwells within.
As long as He remains in her
The ships will always win.

The lesson learned so plainly
From the lighthouse sure and true,
Is for anyone who wonders –
It’s for me and it’s you.

For your height it doesn’t matter;
Nor your strength or muscle power.
The Light that lives within your walls
Will conquer every hour.

Marianne Coyne

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Note: The Lighthouse poem by Marianne Coyne is ©2018.  The above image is a painting by Andres Orpinas. 

You Never Know What Blessings

Good day, friends…

Have you ever received a rejection letter? I have – countless times – and just received one yesterday. It’s needless to say they’re disappointing. But, today, I ‘accidentally’ came across a poem in my files that I wrote last year, which was perfectly pertinent for moments like this. So, I posted it on my blog. I hope you enjoy it and it speaks to you, as well. It also helps to have a good friend to help you laugh about it – I had that perfect friend today, and I’m grateful for her. In fact, she was one of those blessings – unexpected, spontaneous, and refreshing. Enjoy!

You Never Know What Blessings

You never know what blessings
May come your way today.
Or how they’ll bravely find their way
Through clutter that you say.

But when your thoughts you quiet
And gently breathe each breath,
While you meditate on things of Life
And not the things of death;

Then you’ll hear the quiet knocking
Of a blessing sent to you;
Through the unlocked door within your heart
It will easily slip through.

So, put aside your frets each morn
And make a holy vow,
That each thought and word and deed today
Will permit a blessing now.

And if you do this faithfully,
You’ll find that more and more
You will never lack for all things good
Upon this earthly shore.


Marianne Coyne

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Until next time, may happy days abound!


Note: The above poem by Marianne Coyne©2017.  All rights reserved by author.


The Old Square Kitchen Clock

Hello everyone.  Welcome to Leisure Lane.  I hope your new year is starting out healthy and happy.

At 5 o’clock p.m. on New Year’s day, I was sitting in the living room in the quiet, as the last glow of sunlight poured through the window onto the fireplace mantle.  Of course, that brought back nostalgic remembrances of my younger days in my mother’s home, and I thought of her kitchen clock  – the timely sentinel that watched over our family and tracked the minutes of our lives. A poem instantly ensued. I share it here, hoping it will also inspire you. Our clock was a soft white.  But I remember that red second hand turning and turning.

The Old Square Kitchen Clock

I think about the old square clock
That I remember well,
Hanging on the kitchen wall,
Telling what only time can tell.

It told our mother, when at Three,
Her children soon would carry
Bookbags packed with homework,
But for her smile would surely tarry.

And maybe waiting for them,
A homemade snack to hail the season.
Or maybe one for ‘just because’,
And no particular reason.

But just because she loved them,
Looking forward to their chatter,
About their day at school or play
And things that really matter.

It told us children, when at Five,
Our father soon would come.
Perhaps with presents he’d pick up
Along his travels home.

And soon we’d be around the table
Eating mom’s good dinner.
And afterwards sis and I took turns
To be the winner.

One would wash and one would dry,
It was a perfect process,
Unless the washer had to scrub
Pots full of double messes.

It told a family, when at Eight,
Their favorite show would start.
With bowls of fresh, warm popcorn
And laughter from the heart.

And we’d sit around the living room,
Cozy near the fire,
While we watched a funny skit or two –
Of that we’d never tire.

It told a father, when at Nine,
Bedtime was in tow.
And sis and I, and brother, too,
Hoped we’d wake to morning snow.

And maybe there would be a call,
In early morning hours,
To let us know our school is closed.
We’d pray with child-like powers.

And while we slept, the old clock ticked
All through the dark of night.
It never tired of its charge,
It never lost its sight.

It told a mother, when at Six,
‘Twas time to start anew;
The dawning day has its work
That comes with morning dew.

Morning prayers and breakfast
Are the first of many tasks.
Then get the children up and dressed,
Wash off their sleepy masks.

It’s time for school, it didn’t snow.
We’d drag our sleepy feet
To the table for our breakfast,
As we’d sit in our own seat.

The old clock’s steadfast minute hand
I’d often watch it turn,
Round and round its pleasant face
It passed without concern.

Many years now later,
Sitting in my living room,
I watch the last glow of the sun
On the fireplace all abloom.

As I glance toward my mantle clock,
It tells me that it’s Five,
And reminds me of a clock I knew
In days that once were alive.

Hugs and kisses, and laughter, too,
Could be counted by its dials.
And I wouldn’t give up one of those,
For they overshadow trials.

I think about the old square clock
That I remember well,
Hanging on the kitchen wall,
Telling what only time can tell.

Marianne Coyne ©2018

New Years day, 5:00 pm

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Note: the above clock image is from Pinterest

If Only Once…A new Poem

IMG_0342 antique

If Only Once

There is no sleep,
I cannot rest.
My soul is sore within my breast,
And hidden so that none should know
Her sadness and forbidden woe.

How oft I wished she knew the mirth
That should have lightened her at birth,
And never felt the rough of life
That pushed her into endless strife.

How oft I wished she never felt
The cold, grim hearts with tongues like belts,
That flicked her back ‘till it was raw,
Then mocked at all the pain they saw.

If only once my soul could fly
And leer at evil in the eye,
And push their backs against the wall –
Poor excuses, tongues, and all!

But, nay, my only solace be
That my sweet soul hides within me.
Behind an ever growing wall
Where only God can hear her call.

Marianne Coyne©August 4, 2015

I couldn’t sleep last night until this was released.  May your day be a good one, and …

Until next time, may happy days abound!


Note:  The above image is by Marianne Coyne

Sing Me a Song


Sing me a song, and I’ll pour you some tea.
Don’t make it loud, but hum it gently.
Let the words gracefully flow from your lips,
As I move to its rhythm with soft swaying hips.
And when you are done we will laugh and rejoice,
That life is so happy when that is our choice.

Marianne Coyne©2014

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