Out of the Blue

Path of Hope tree detail 2

Out Of The Blue

     Out of the clear blue the rain begins.  It comes down steadily and straight with great purpose and drive.  Not too heavily, but rather well planned for and evenly tempered.  I remember wise words that sprang forth from the lips of my thirteen year old son.  Nothing comes out of the blue, he said.  There is always something going on behind the scenes, hidden from our eyes.  I’m reminded how much I’ve learned from this young “old soul” – and the rain keeps coming down.

     I watch it press upon the branch of a crape myrtle and wonder to myself of the “rains” that have fallen in my life – out of the blue.  It seems a sullen moment, yet refreshing at the same time.  Rain does refresh, doesn’t it?  It revitalizes, cleanses, and rejuvenates, even in the midst of it’s melancholy facade.  A breeze persuades the branch to sway, like a beautiful, graceful dancer responding to some unheard symphony; shaking off the drops in vain – and the rain keeps coming down.

     The crape myrtle finally slows it’s dance, too heavy with it’s watery fate, and the rain lessens a bit.  Then as suddenly as it disappeared the sun shines once more.  I am moved to reflect on what wonders for my life will be suddenly brought forth, which presently behind the scenes are hidden from my eyes, and my hope is once more restored.  Hope and trust – for who knows what thoughts are in the mind of God.  Who knows what possibilities can be birthed from out of the blue.

Copyright©2003 Marianne Coyne

This prose was a second version of an inspired September afternoon in 2003.  I was so filled with the complete wonder and contemplation of it that I had to write two versions.  I will post the original version closer to September.

Thank you for strolling by Leisure Lane to visit.  I certainly hope that you find your stay here a leisurely opportunity to relax, contemplate, and enjoy the day.

Until next time, may happy days abound!


Note:  The above image is an altered detail from an original oil painting, Path of Hope, by Marianne Coyne.  The above prose is written by Marianne Coyne, copyright©2003.  All rights reserved.


Worth Trying

Path of Hope (resized) detail altered

Anything important to you is worth trying…
Kiss it up to God, and begin flying~

Dear ones, thank you all for your sweet kindnesses and precious friendship for which I am very grateful.  It’s hard to believe that it’s only been a little more than two weeks since my mother’s passing, and yet it seems like a forever ago.
BUT….I’m doing well, and I’m learning to know my spirit mother, while lovingly remembering my physical mother.

Marianne xo

Note:  The above image is a detail from an original oil painting, “Path of Hope, by Marianne Coyne.
The above quote is copyright©2011 Marianne Coyne

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