Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, dear Friends!

Today I’m relaxing…working on a little project, drinking a delightful cup of  yummy-licious hot chocolate (yes, that absolutely is a mini scoop of  Breyer’s Vanilla ice cream), and enjoying the pleasant cool front blowing in from the north.  It’s dropped the temperature quite a bit, so that now it feels like winter once again (or at least, if my memory serves me, what up north you would call a clear, crisp, cool, breezy mid-autumn ~~ but I’ll take it, nevertheless).

My wish for everyone is a healthy, prosperous, creatively expressive New Year.  I pray all of our dreams come true, and that we are able to create for ourselves more balanced and joy-full lives.  Oh! What a wonderful thought ~ I can see it now!

May blessings, without measure, abound in your life,


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