My Little Bloomin’ Shop Now Features Products from My Redbubble Shop

Hi everyone. Just a quick note to let you know My Little Bloomin’ Shop page is up and running with some new changes.

I’ll be featuring the products and designs available in my LeisureLane1 Redbubble shop on My Little Bloomin’ Shop page. That way you can check there as well, in case you missed any and keep up with what’s available.

Thank you for your interest, and…

Until next time, may happy days abound!


“Softly Spring”

IMG_1751 Good day Leisure Lane visitors, and welcome!

I’ve been away from the computer for this week, as I’ve an injured shoulder tendon which is healing quickly, thank God! Luckily I had previously typed this post.

Well, I’ve been in the process of organizing and simplifying things in my life and on my blog, and My Little Bloomin’ Shop is one of them.  I don’t have a lot in the shop at the moment, and perhaps the shop will only have a few items at a time.

Recently, I’ve been in the process of decorating gift boxes.  I’ve given some as gifts, and I’ve decided to put some in my shop for sale.  They are just so pretty that I enjoy simply looking at them.  They are quite cheerful.

“Softly Spring” is bursting with the colors and promise of the well loved season.  The handmade polymer clay rose above the portrait is accentuated with little rose petals trailing down.  I  created the roses and petals some years ago for other projects I was working on, and I have some left in my stash, which I’ve been using in special projects.  The primary ribbon is a lovely sheer pink, which echos the softness and airiness of Spring…then a bit of sheer green delight for accent. (Click on image for larger view)

IMG_1758With “Softly Spring” I used a different patterned paper for the bottom that I think sets a nice tone to the piece.

IMG_1754You can find “Softly Spring” for sale for a limited time in My Bloomin’ Little Shop.  In the meantime, I’ll be working on some other projects as well as continuing to simplify, simplify, simplify. (Sorry this item is no longer available for sale).

Thank you for strolling by.  I hope you enjoyed your visit.  May you be blessed today with good things and happy thoughts.

Until next time, may happy days abound!


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