Mary Jane’s Tearoom: Where Dreams and Designs are Born

Good day, friends…thank you for strolling by Leisure Lane.  This day is about to get fun, because we’re going to visit a very talented woman, share some tea with her and take a peek at her lovely creations.

Welcome to Mary Jane’s Tearoom, where Susan, an independent designer from the UK, has been blogging, sharing, and selling her delightfully knitted bears and dolls since 2009.  Susan is a master craftswoman with an impeccable eye for detail, color, and techniques that will make your heart swoon ♥♥♥

Her sweet bears are looking quite fashionable as they while away the hours looking at cloud shapes – at least to me that’s what they look like they’re doing – OH, there goes a dragon!  If I had one of her bears, I couldn’t just put it on the bed or shelf, I think I’d have to play with it!  Yes, even at my age – which is kept secret in a bear cave somewhere in the Himalayan mountains.

 And who wouldn’t mind a closet full of these adorable cardigans!

Susan also designs dolls with the prettiest outfits and hair styles!  A snugly girlfriend who never gets tired of hearing you talk – a besty, indeed.

Isn’t Crystal a DOLL?! Look at her adorable hat!!

Susan’s charming patterns can be found in her Tearoom Shop, so don’t forget to stop by there and take a look around.  She and her cozy companions can also be found on Instagram, and Pinterest…AND check out her EBOOK Shop, where she offers group patterns.  I’ve provided links to everything I’ve mentioned here.


There really isn’t enough time to show or tell you everything Susan offers at Mary Jane’s Tearoom – you really have to see it for yourself, and I promise you will be enthralled with her and her creations.  She is friendly, open and quite accessible for lending a helping “hand” with any questions you may have about her work or knitting.  Mary Jane’s Tearoom is an inspirational, cheerful place to visit, so bring a friend and have some fun.  I am constantly inspired, and a smile is easily attained when I visit her site.

Thank you again, for coming by.  May your day be filled with snugly thoughts, and…

Until next time, may happy days abound!


Note:  Above images courtesy of Mary Jane’s Tearoom.  All rights reserved.


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