Come My Adoring One

Good day, friends, and welcome to Leisure Lane. To keep you company today, during this trialing time, I would like to lift your spirits with an excerpt from The Gardener of My Soul. I hope it helps you to see how God sees you, and it gives you new insights on how to see yourself through His eyes. Allow Him to tend the garden of your soul and be renewed and the power in you restored!

If you are sick, I pray this helps in your healing, if you are healthy, but bored, I hope this fills you with new vitality and a renewed sense of energy and purpose. I have been making the effort to keep spirits up and keep those inside company with some of my writing.

Check out my last two posts, for a free read of two of my Amazon short stories, The Turbulent Tongue and The Enchanted Dance. And, again, please keep your hearts pure and use these writings only for your personal read and nothing else. Thank you.

Come, come, come My adoring one. I hear your every sob, your every laugh, your every sigh. You, who are so small; I see you notice the tiniest flower that others would trample without a care. As you see its slightest petals, its color, its beauty in this world, so I see you. Come, come, come my littlest flower. You are not so small to Me. I see the grandness of your heart.


Note to the beloved:

This world is filled with so many wonderful experiences.  But it can also be filled with hurt, which can leave us feeling very small and insignificant.  Insignificance is a feeling generally brought about by some sort of rejection.  This rejection brings about fear that we are not good enough, or that we have nothing of worth to contribute to this life.  But God does not see with small eyes.  He knows your worth.  He incarnated His thoughts and His dreams for you over 2000 years ago.  He sees the willingness of your heart to expand and create goodness.  God knows your potential and desires to help you reach it.  Keep focused on His light, and you will fully bloom.  No matter how small your bloom may seem to the world, never give up reaching.  No effort is in vain.  You may be the flower that gives beauty to otherwise barren surroundings.


I hope you enjoyed your reading today. I love your visits and pray you are blessed by the contents of this blog. Virtually reach out to someone today and let them know they’re loved and prayed for, think good things, speak creative words of Life, and…

Until next time, may happy days abound!


God Notices Me [and You]

I am like the tiny little flowers that grow as weeds.
Most would never notice them, but I notice them.
So God notices me. He sees me, though I am as
low in the world as those littlest flowers. He sees
my smallest petals. He sees my beauty as I see
theirs. And he says, “Come to Me My little flower.
I have a place for you in My garden.”

Marianne Coyne

My friends, until next time may happy days abound!


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