Call On Me…Psalm 50:15 to Encourage and Inspire

Psalm 50:15 mug

mug side view

Happy Monday, everyone! I hope you had a delightful weekend and you’re ready for a new and prosperous week ahead.

One of the new designs in my LeisureLane1 Redbubble shop incorporates a beautiful scripture to encourage and inspire anyone. “Call on Me in the day of trouble; I will deliver you, and you will glorify Me” from Psalm 50:15 is a reminder of God’s intense love and desire for us to know Him more intimately and to help us whenever we have a need. The command for us is to call upon Him, and He promises to deliver. That deliverance inspires us to glorify Him.

Sickness does not glorify God, poverty and striving does not glorify God, but His delivering us from those things does. Do you remember a time when God intervened for you – when He helped you out of a distress, or helped you get somewhere in life you desired to be? Did you glorify Him to others? Did you sing of His goodness to you? If not, it’s never too late. Bring it to remembrance again, give thanks, and tell someone about it. If you have no one you think wants to hear your story, I do, so feel free to leave a comment and tell us about His goodness to you. Inspire us, encourage us.

Psalm 50:15 iphone case (also available for a Samsung)

If you’d like to see more products with this lovely design and scripture, click here. Keep yourself inspired or encourage someone you love. I’m thinking of having a giveaway from my shop at some point – maybe in the Spring – I’ll keep you all posted. In the meantime, laugh today, give someone your love, encourage another with kind words, and…

Until next time, may happy days abound!

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Whimsical Teapot and Pink Tea Roses Romantic Chic

Whimsical Teapot and Pink Tea Roses coasters

Hello everyone, and welcome to Leisure Lane. It’s a lovely day here with clear skies, crisp coldness and low humidity. Such a wonderful change from the past few weeks.

Greeting card

I’ve added another lovely design to my Redbubble shop, LeisureLane1. The design lends itself nicely for a Mother, friend, or someone special Valentine greeting, Mother’s day greeting, or any occasion to brighten someone’s day. It’s perfect for the romantic chic and vintage lover in us all. I ordered one as a greeting card, but it’s also available in postcards, travel mugs, phone cases, coffee mugs and more. Click the images to see everything.

My friends and I have brought back the lost art of sending greetings through the mail. It’s so much nicer than receiving a text or email. First, it gives you something lovely (or funny) to look at, and second, reading something in someone’s own hand is so much more personal and heart-felt. It’s a little bit of them – their energy, personality, and substance in your day. At least that’s how I see it – but then, I’m a bit old-school.

Go out and enjoy the day – take a walk, take a break, listen to the breeze, smell the clean cold air, watch the squirrels – something that gives you a sense of calm and happiness. Persevere, find gratitude in at least one thing today, laugh hard, and…

Until next time, may happy days abound.






Just in Time for Valentine’s Day – Love is in the Air

Valentine mug Love is always

Valentine mug Love is always side view

Another well loved Knittington Fairies designs…
Just in time for Valentine’s Day

Merry Christmas, everyone. I’d like to thank all of you for appreciating the hard (yet joyful) work I’ve put into my creative ventures over the years and for helping to make this year an exciting and prosperous one. May you have a healthy and prosperous holiday and all the new year to come!

As you can see, I’m already uploading St. Valentine’s Day designs on my LeisureLane1 Redbubble shop. The mug makes a perfect seasonal or all year round gift to yourself or someone you love. There are quite a few products to choose from with this design.

Postcards, Note cards, Stickers and more available

I’ll be posting more designs in the future, so keep checking my shop. Thank you for stopping by today. God bless you, and…

Until next time, may happy days abound!




Popular Valentine Card

valentine card Blue Mountain Arts

Good day everyone,

I’m so glad you dropped by to visit today.  I’ve noticed every February my Blue Mountain Arts valentine card gets a lot of views.  So I thought I’d let you know where you can look for it.  If you like the card look for it in your area wherever Blue Mountain Arts greeting cards are sold.  If you have a Cracker Barrel in your neighborhood be sure to check it out there.  Last year a friend of mine called me to let me know she saw my card at our local Cracker Barrel.  She said there were only two left so she bought one for a friend. I hope to see it there again this year, too.  It really is a beautiful card. Sometimes cards don’t make the same rounds every year, but show up in different places, so if you still can’t find it, you can contact Blue Mountain Arts and see if you can order it.

I hope this helps you find the perfect Valentine’s Day card for a friend.

Until next time, may happy days abound!

Marianne ♥




A Pleasurable Bouquet

Welcome to Leisure Lane, friends…

Yesterday I created a card of congratulations, or “Felicitations”, to my sister for the 15 year mark of her employment at a New Jersey wine distributor.  She loves her job and the color purple (in any and all shades), so I wanted to give her something special for the occasion…Ooooo, I KNEW that wine label would come in handy one day.

I love the way the wine dripped along the label, giving it a bit of color and an aged look.  This was from a demo a few years ago, and because it had been in a bucket of water and ice the label slipped off quite nicely.  I’m not quite sure why we served this wine chilled, but who cares, I got a great label.

The overlay of purple lace is from a thrift store pillow find.  I got rid of the pillow, but kept the lovely lace decorating it.  The background paper I’ve had for a kazillion years, and it’s quite fibrous, which makes it a lot of fun to work with.   Especially if you splatter it with a teeny weeny bit of bleach and water, which I did on a blue piece.  I’ll have to dig that one up for another time.

IMG_1671The glitter is courtesy of the Dollar Tree…and I used the fun eye shadows from the same store on the accent lace and word papers.

IMG_1673I wanted the card to express her tastes as well as my love for her, and pride in her success.  Thank you for sharing with me today.  Be blessed and prosper.

Until next time, may happy days abound!


Sympathy Card

IMG_1656Hello Friends,

Thank you for joining me today as I show you a sympathy card I made for someone who recently lost her husband.  These are not happy cards for me to make, as you can well imagine, and especially that this particular couple were still young in the scheme of things.  But I wanted to acknowledge her husband’s passing with something from my heart.

I used the same Prologue from Hereafter, as I did in another similar version, but without the added lace and beading as the other, since I felt it made it look too feminine.  I wanted to keep it more simple. I did add some netting and a bit of seaside sparkle to keep with the theme and to add a little brightness.  I don’t know why I chose musical paper for an accent layer, perhaps it represents the song of the sea, or perhaps something more hidden, yet to be discovered about the couple.  Nevertheless, something within me nudged me to utilize it.

May your day be brightened with gratitude of Life and Breath for our loved ones and ourselves, and may you all be blessed.

Until next time, my friends, may happy days abound!

Marianne ♥

Note:  The above verse is from the Prologue to Hereafter. 

Old Inspirations


Hello friends, and welcome to Leisure Lane…

Today I’m sharing some interesting card ideas that I worked with some years ago.  I had made quite a few different versions with different stamp designs, and I came across some of what I had left over.  Yes, you heard me…stamps…the white paper inserts are handmade ‘paper’ using rubber stamps and glue water.

IMG_1601 Sun stamp paper with an added dry brushing of gold craft paint.

It’s an easy process, so if you’ve never done this before, you might want to give it a try.  All you need is your favorite rubber stamp, some water in a small cup or container (you don’t need a lot).  Add some all purpose craft glue to the water and mix thoroughly.  Then you’ll need some facial tissue or bathroom tissue.  You’ll be adding these in layers.

First turn your stamp rubber side up.  Then lay a piece of tissue over the stamp.  The size of the tissue should exceed the size of the stamp image.  You can always cut or tear away any excess you don’t want.  Then dip a small paint brush in the water/glue mixture and begin dabbing the tissue into the image.  Be careful not to tear the tissue.  Then add another layer using the same process, and continue to desired thickness.

When you’ve completed the desired layers, carefully lift the paper from the image and place on a piece wax paper or other safe item to dry – preferably overnight.  The paper will be stiff and perfect for decorating cards, canvases, etc.  Remember to clean off your rubber stamp and brush with warm soap and water.

IMG_1606You can use the image in its original beautiful white, or you can add color to it, as I’ve done here.  I used some colored powders.

IMG_1603You can also add a bit of ‘fairy dusting’ (glitter) to the image for some extra appeal.

Decorate on cards as desired.  These are really fun to make and have endless possibilities.  I need to make more to have on hand.  I like to have things on hand and then when I want to make something, the only thing needed is imagination.

For the sake of brevity and simplicity, I’ll share another great idea to use on cards in my next post.  I hope you enjoyed this.  If  you’ve done this before, or would like to try it, let me know how you did.  I appreciate your visits and comments.

Until next time, may happy days abound!

Marianne ☼

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