Call On Me…Psalm 50:15 to Encourage and Inspire

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Happy Monday, everyone! I hope you had a delightful weekend and you’re ready for a new and prosperous week ahead.

One of the new designs in my LeisureLane1 Redbubble shop incorporates a beautiful scripture to encourage and inspire anyone. “Call on Me in the day of trouble; I will deliver you, and you will glorify Me” from Psalm 50:15 is a reminder of God’s intense love and desire for us to know Him more intimately and to help us whenever we have a need. The command for us is to call upon Him, and He promises to deliver. That deliverance inspires us to glorify Him.

Sickness does not glorify God, poverty and striving does not glorify God, but His delivering us from those things does. Do you remember a time when God intervened for you – when He helped you out of a distress, or helped you get somewhere in life you desired to be? Did you glorify Him to others? Did you sing of His goodness to you? If not, it’s never too late. Bring it to remembrance again, give thanks, and tell someone about it. If you have no one you think wants to hear your story, I do, so feel free to leave a comment and tell us about His goodness to you. Inspire us, encourage us.

Psalm 50:15 iphone case (also available for a Samsung)

If you’d like to see more products with this lovely design and scripture, click here. Keep yourself inspired or encourage someone you love. I’m thinking of having a giveaway from my shop at some point – maybe in the Spring – I’ll keep you all posted. In the meantime, laugh today, give someone your love, encourage another with kind words, and…

Until next time, may happy days abound!

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An Optimistic Soul!

“God has us do something for someone, like buy them a gift or paint them a painting ( 😉 ), at a certain time, even though it may not be for that particular moment, but for a moment “down the road”.”

Hello friends, and welcome to Leisure Lane. The above quote is from my August 26th post, Home is Where…, which talks about the surprises God has for us at a particular time. I promised to tell you a similar story in the next post which recently happened to me, but kept forgetting. So, here it is!

I’d like to share the story of how I came to be given the above beautiful, handmade copper and jasper necklace with copper earrings. About 9 months ago, I was next door visiting my friend and neighbor, T., and she told me she had something for me, but it was at her South Dakota cabin and she would bring it next time they went up there. In the past, she sometimes brought me back pretty jewelry from the artisans there; a silver necklace, a pair of beaded earrings, etc. Only one other time she gave me a pair of copper earrings. I think I shared them in a past post.

Months came and went, and though they made several trips to South Dakota, she never brought back the gift she. They were in the process of moving a lot of things, downsizing, and fixing up their local home to sell it – getting ready for retirement in the next couple of years and permanently moving to South Dakota (where it’s sooo much cooler 😉 ). She and her husband spent this past summer at their South Dakota cabin and recently came back the last week of August – she teaches nursing at a local college.

Though my soul had been doing much better and healing nicely, there were certain recent circumstances in the lives of my friends and relatives that began to bring fear back again into my soul. There is a reason the scriptures consistently tells us to “fear the Lord”, because, as I was taught by God, the thing we fear is the thing we give power to. We also take on the attributes of the things we fear, especially in our soul, which in turn affects our body and circumstances.

The morning of August 23rd, I awoke feeling that fear in my soul, and I fervently called out to God to help me. I even went as far as to say, “if all that the scriptures and Jesus taught about you is true, please help me. I can’t do this without you. I am having trouble getting rid of fear.” It was a heartfelt prayer – and even though deep within my spirit I knew that God is able, is willing, and desires good for us, I just needed something, and I didn’t really know what. After breakfast, I went outside to be quiet with the Lord and to pray again. Sometimes nature is very helpful in connecting us. I sat in a chair and began to ask for God’s help, again. I told him that I didn’t know where to start because my soul needed so much healing; that I needed His help. It’s strange in a way, but humility, which seems weak, is actually a strength. It is the place where God shows His strength through you. It’s a hard thing to explain because the concept seems illogical. But, remember, logic has no place in the spiritual, because it’s limited and the spiritual is not.

Immediately after my request, my neighbor friends pulled up into their driveway. I went over to bring her a surprise I had made for her and wanted to give it to her before she or I got busy. She got out of the car and handed me a package. It was the beautiful necklace and earrings. “I could not find these,” she said. “I bought them and put them away and then couldn’t find where I put them. Then I decided to look again, and they were in my closet, right in front of me!”

Ah! God had “hidden” them from her sight because He knew the exact moment I would need them. “An Optimistic Soul” stared up at me. OPTIMISTIC?! I certainly didn’t feel like that. I certainly didn’t see myself that way, at least not lately. But, you see, that is how God sees me – it’s how He desires me to be. And He was letting me know. “I desire for your soul to be completely healed, Marianne,” He is saying. “I see you in a way you can not understand, I desire your healing, your completeness, your happiness. I desire to help you beyond what you can imagine.”

Then, something inside of me told me to look up the symbolism of copper and the jasper stone. Copper represents inspiration, creativity, love, and unifying opposites. BUT, above all of that it symbolizes healing! Jasper is associated with autumn – and I love the autumn!

Copper is the the most conductive element just below silver. The message that went through my soul was that I was a very conductive being, but God was telling me that I was allowing myself to conduct the wrong energies – sadness and fear. I was not only conducting them, but keeping them built up within me. He is asking me to be a conduit of Him. “I desire that you conduct my Love, my power, and transmit that into the world.”

I believe, by faith, that God used my friend to give me a gift from Himself…an answer to my prayer just at the right moment, and she whole-heartedly agrees . He knew when I would be most receptive to the gift. His greatest gift was Jesus – His anointed one and His anointing. But, living on the earth is a constant process of keeping our eyes, our ears, our thoughts and emotions (our soul) on those things that are “above”, on that anointing and not just what our 5 senses tell us.

I hope this inspires you to know that God is for us – for you! He is willing and able to answer us with good. He desires more than anything to give us our needs, our desires, our good, “to do far above and beyond what we can imagine”, but we have to be willing to ask and be expecting. Expect His Best! I will be doing that with you. Know the love that God has toward us. It is not like the love of the world, for it never wanes, only keeps expanding, and if we can teach ourselves to live in a state of expectancy, we will experience it beyond what we can hope for.

I love you and pray for you today all the good I wish for myself and my loved ones. Thank you for strolling by to visit with me today. Next time, I hope to share a recipe. May you be blessed and inspired, and…

Until next time, may happy days abound!


Note: The above jewelry is by the artisan, Ginny Wolf. If you are interested in seeing more of her work, you can visit Ginny Wolf Studios.

If You Only Knew…

Dance of the Luna (watermark)You would be free!

Hello friends, and welcome to Leisure Lane today. I’ve been inspired to post this today, so I’m going with the flow of it.

The word radiant is not my own, but was given to me in a dream a year ago…the exact message was, “If you only knew how much God radiantly loves you!!” It was very powerfully spoken. Think about the pure devotion that God is radiating, transmitting, emitting, shining towards you every moment of every day – even while you’re sleeping!  This is powerful. And if you can understand, comprehend without a doubt that immense Truth, then fear will have no hold on you or me or anyone, and His blessings can flow to us more easily.  God is really making an effort to get this concept to us and into us. But if we think we can sit in rage, anger, bitterness, and jealousy, which lead us into creating strife, then we can receive very little to nothing, except more of the same.

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I know how hard it is when we feel bound, but we have to start somewhere.  So if you are struggling with negative emotions or physical ailments which have stayed longer than they were intended to, try to concentrate on a blessing today…a flower, a bird’s song, getting out of bed this morning…something simple but profound.  Because if you only knew, without doubt, how much God radiantly loves you, you would be free!

May your day be filled with the radiance of God’s unconditional love.  And until next time, may happy days abound!

Marianne ♥

Note:  The above images are from the oil paintings of Marianne Coyne.  All rights reserved.

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