“Be With Me” – God’s Presence is Everywhere

Good day, friends…

May the following excerpt from “The Gardener of My Soul” inspire, enlighten, and soothe your soul today.

Be with me.
Whether I sit, or stand;
Whether I walk, or kneel,
Be with me.
Whether I move, or am still;
Whether I am silent, or converse,
Be with me.
Whether I am alone, or with another;
Whether I am outside under Your clouds,
or inside the walls of my cell,
Be with me.
Never leave my side.
Never leave my Temple.
I want to dwell always in Your loving Presence.

 Note to the beloved:

God is always with, in, and around us.  There is never a time He is not present with us.  But oh, how wonderful for us to invite Him into our lives to be with us in everything we do!  Do we not invite our friends and family – those we love – to join us in our day to day activities?  It is our way of letting them know how much we love them and enjoy their company.  It is the same when we invite God into our daily tasks or quiet time.  With the invitation, we are telling God we love Him, and we are allowing the Presence to affect us in a profound way; to inspire, protect, and even challenge us to be our best.  Proverbs 16:3 tells us that if we commit our ways to the Lord, our plans will succeed.  To make this conscious decision every day is an excellent way to live and has its highest rewards.


Thank you for visiting me on Leisure Lane today. Let me know if what you see here inspires you. May your day be filled with hope, love, and laughter, and may you notice the small, yet pretty things today around you,

Until next time, may happy days abound!

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New Arrivals from LeisureLane1 Redbubble

Hello everyone. I hope you’re all having a great day. More products arrived from LeisureLane1 Redbubble shop, and thought I’d give you a peek.

Some Christmas gifts of Primroses notebook and art board.

The art board print came out so well. It’s 5 x 7 inch and perfect for a tripod stand or for framing. A gift for a special friend.

Lovely postcard I’ll be mailing tomorrow to another dear friend. She’ll be happy to receive it with a short sweet note, as she’s working so hard in retail during the holiday season.


Adding to my Christmas and New Year stock, I think I’m ready for note writing and Christmas greetings to family and friends. What about you? Are you getting a head start? The note cards and postcards came out very well. My apologizes the photos are a little dark, the sun was beginning to set when I took these.

Well, that’s the new arrival today. I hope to share more stickers and cards soon. Have a wonderful week, and…

Until next time, may happy days abound!


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