St. Nicholas – a.k.a. Santa Claus

Greetings everyone! It’s almost Christmas, and I’d like to share a wonderful article from Kenneth Copeland’s site about St. Nicolas, a.k.a.Santa Claus. I hope it inspires you for this most wonderful time of the year.

Each December, images of Santa Claus are everywhere. We see visions of a large man in a red suit with a long white beard and rosy cheeks. But the real Santa Claus, or St. Nicholas as he is known, was not some marketing invention. He was a godly man whose giving spirit became an example of Christ’s love.

From what is known about St. Nicholas, he lived during the third century in Turkey. He was from a loving Christian family who taught him the importance of loving God and honoring the Lord with his giving spirit. At 19, he joined the priesthood. His uncle, a bishop, prophesied that Nicholas would lead and encourage people. He also prophesied that Nicholas would become a bishop and lead a spiritually fulfilling and devout life. In fact, Nicholas did help the poor, became a bishop and lived with a desire to honor God in everything he did.

He was known to spend entire nights tirelessly studying God’s Word just so he could bring fresh insight and revelation to the people in his congregation. He was known for reaching out to those in need, praying, fasting and relying on God’s Word completely.

The true story of St. Nicholas is a beautiful picture of the giving that Christmas is all about. The greatest gift that anyone can ever receive is the gift of Jesus Christ. He was given 2,000 years ago to all mankind by our Heavenly Father so that we could have a relationship with God. Jesus is our hope, redemption and victory. He’s the reason we can experience the Blessing in our lives. He is our advocate with the Father, our blood-covenant friend who will never leave us nor forsake us and continually works to bring to pass the New Covenant. In Him we have the joy of living a heavenly life on earth.

St. Nicholas, the real Santa Claus, exemplified the real meaning of Christmas. Christ mass means “anointing celebration.” It’s the celebration of “How God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Ghost and with power.” It’s the celebration of how the anointed Jesus “went about doing good, and healing all that were oppressed of the devil” (Acts 10:38). It’s the story of our triumphant Savior, Jesus the Christ, the Lord of lords and King of kings! Merry Christmas!

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Note: The above article is from The Real Santa Claus/Kenneth Copeland Ministries


Hello Newcomers! Get Into the Christmas Mood

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Hello to all my Leisure Lane visitors…I hope you’re having a pleasant day.

First I’d like to welcome my new follower.  Thank you, and I hope you enjoy what you see here.

To all newcomers to Leisure Lane, the Christmas season will be upon us soon, and I know that many of you love to begin decorating and getting into the holiday mood before December.  My novella, The Christmas Pin Society, is a wonderful way to begin your Christmas season.  It’s a heartwarming story of faith, friendship, and love.  It’s a delightful version of what a tiny mustard seed of faith can accomplish.

If you’d like to see more click on Amazon Kindle. You will find the book’s synopsis and some great customer reviews.  If you don’t have a Kindle, don’t fret, you can download a free app for your smartphones, tablets, or computers right there. And you can also give it as a gift.  It’s all there on the Amazon page.

And don’t forget to check out recent posts with excerpts from my second book, The Heart of Annie…The Strength of God, which is in progress.

Whether you’re a new visitor or a repeat visitor, I appreciate your presence.  Thank you for dropping by today.  May your day be filled with love and Light, and…

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“The Christmas Pin Society” Free Kindle Promotion

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I’ve been updating my Kindle account by joining Kindle Select, where I get to offer “The Christmas Pin Society” for free for 5 days.  And I decided to jump right in, so from September 4th thru September 8, 2014 you can download the story for FREE!  So if you’ve never read it before, why not take advantage of this offer.

If you don’t have a kindle reader, you can download a free app for your computer or other devices.  Simply click here to see more about it, and to read the synopsis.  If you enjoy the Christmas holiday movies, you’ll love this story.

I’m rather new to the Kindle Select, and it seems all systems are GO, but I’m not sure where the free promotion will show up, because I don’t see it on the main page.  I’m suspecting it will engage during the ordering process.  If not, please let me know.
Update September 4th:  Everything is working fine, so ordering is easy-peasy! 

Thank you for visiting Leisure Lane.  And remember to download “The Christmas Pin Society” for free during this 5 day promotion.  If you do, please leave a review on the Amazon page.  Word of mouth is everything, so tell your friends about it.  It’s a perfect story to wrap yourself in for the holiday seasons, or anytime.

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Welcome Autumn Tag

Bro. Robert's Autumn Tag 2

Hello Friends,

Keeping the creative juices flowing with this 2-1/2″ x 3-1/2″,  “Welcome Autumn” tag, which I’ll be sending to my brother.  Nothing went to waste, and after pulling out some of the burlap threads I wrapped them with a fall colored, checked fabric remnant.

Now, with Autumn on my mind, I’d like to wish all of you a beautiful beginning of fall.

Until next time, may happy days abound!


P.S.   Oh, and just a reminder that we’re headed into the holiday season.  For those of you who are new to Leisure Lane, don’t forget to pop over to Amazon Kindle and check out my book, “The Christmas Pin Society”.  If you like Christmas holiday movies, you’ll love this story.  If you don’t have a kindle, you can download a free app to read it on your computer.

Fairy Cards Update

They’re here!  The Christmas and New Year cards are available, and with the added glitter they are precious.  The Christmas has glitter spotting the background like little snowflakes all around her, and a touch of sparkle on her fuzzy warm collar and cuff.  The New Year fairy’s wings are all a twinkle and the ice glistens.  How fun! To read more about her, visit the Knittington Fairies page.

PayPal should be available soon for those of you who are interested in the cards.

I’d like to leave you with encouraging words:  “…And let us consider one another in order to stir up love and good works.”  Hebrews 10:24

Have a wonderful day.  And until next time, may happy days abound.


The Fairy Cards

Hello dear friends,

We  had a very pleasant Thanksgiving, and I hope all of you did, too.

I have been getting so many requests for the Knittington Fairy cards, that I decided to set up a page which will allow our visitors to order directly from me for the time being.  Click on the “Contact Me” link for more information.

Elenora,  is sending her Merry Christmas wishes, and she is now added to our Knittington Fairy page.  Her friend, Penelope will be following soon to bring Happy New Year wishes to one and all.

Thank  you for dropping by, and until next time, may happy days abound!



About the Knittington Fairies

Hello Friends,

I wanted to briefly share with you the beginnings of  the Knittington Fairies.  One evening in 2007 I had just finished making a card for someone, when suddenly I imagined a whimsical face with quirky hair frantically knitting a “Merry Christmas” message (it was close to Christmas).  As I began to sketch she took on a life of her own with fairy wings, a flowing dress and a star in her hair.  The next day I made a Thanksgiving fairy.

Before I knew it I had a fairy for every month of the year, and the Knittington Fairies were born.  It was as if each one whispered their name, and their personalities seemed to pop off the pages.

I will be adding more pictures as the blog develops, so keep checking back.  And I’ll keep you up to date on any new paintings, stories, or drawings that will be added to the neighborhood on Leisure Lane.

Until next time, may happy days abound.


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