Norwegian Almond Bars Christmas Treat

Norwegian Almond Bars

Happy Thursday, everyone! Are you getting ready for the holidays? I didn’t do as much as I thought I would, but I managed to make some cookies.

I have a friend whose ancestry is half Norwegian, so when I found this recipe for Norwegian Almond Bars on Pinterest, I simply had to make them for her. The recipe is rather easy, and though they came out fine, mine seemed to lack the almond flavor that I expected. Perhaps my extract is too old, though I bought it last December. I’ve used it in recipes and they had good flavor, but as I said, these lacked the rich almond flavor I was hoping for.

Other than the flavor issue, they came out very nicely. If you decide to make the recipe, let me say that the dough will spread while baking, so when you’re flattening out the bars, although they may not seem like they are wide enough, they will be when done. Follow the recipe I’ve linked and you shouldn’t have a problem.

I made two adjustments to the recipe: I cut the sugar in half, as I like to control the sugar in my baked goods, and I used water for the sugar glaze instead of milk, as I didn’t want to have to keep these refrigerated.

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I think my friend will like them. And I’m glad I got to use one of my tins for cookie giveaway. Lord knows I have enough in my collection. Every time I see one I like I get it thinking how nice they will be for making and giving cookies – then I don’t, and they pile up – does anyone else do that?

Thank you for strolling by Leisure Lane today. Be blessed, my friends, and…

Until next time, may happy days abound!


Note: the Norwegian Almond Bars recipe is from Grandma Mae’s Norwegian Almond Bars on Key Ingredients

Angels We Have Heard On High

Good day, friends, and welcome to Leisure Lane…

I’ve been busy the last few days making some very wonderful Christmas hangers.  Lynne from Adorn inspired me with hers, and I’ve been on a roll ever since.  I think they make really nice little gifts…something to be cherished for years to come..unless you sit on it :/ …so keep them hanging.

IMG_1610I think I’ll keep this one for myself
(click to enlarge)

The angel hanger was made using a lovely angel pendent.  I added a bit of netting which I sprinkled with some glitter.  The glitter doesn’t show up very well in the photo, but it sparkles nicely in light, which adds a nice touch.  For the hanger I used a lovely cord with gold thread entwined within it.  The gold echoes the gold of the pendent.

IMG_1611                                          IMG_1612

I used the same paper and green lace as the last hanger, but with a different ‘twist’.  As I continued making these my imagination really started to soar.  So stay tuned for my next two Christmas hangers, because I think you’re really going to like them.

Christ.Pin Society new lookAnd for those of you who are new to Leisure Lane, you can still order my novella, “The Christmas Pin Society”…it’s a great story to read even after Christmas when the hustle and bustle has calmed a bit.  It will keep the holiday mood alive.  You can order your favorite version from the sidebar.  And if you’d like to read a synopsis and some reviews, click on my Novella page to find out more.  I look forward to seeing you again soon.  Update…The Christmas Pin Society is at the moment offered on Amazon Kindle only.

Until next time, may happy days abound!

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