The Cook in the Nook: a Halloween Tale

Good day, friends, and welcome to Leisure Lane.  I hope you are all enjoying this October day.  I think autumn is my favorite time of year.

Funny how things work out.  I was just telling someone how I don’t really like creepy things for Halloween any longer – no, I prefer happy cheerful things like little black cats with jack o’ lanterns, cute little witches with bows in their pointed hats, or – well, you get the idea.  Then, the very night I said that, the words “cook and nook” and “cinch and pinch” flew into my head and I immediately sat down to write the following.  LOL!  Well, you never know what’s lurking in the mind of “INSPIRATION”.

Fix your favorite brew and enjoy it while you read…

Thank you for strolling by Leisure Lane today – you’re always welcome to visit, and I look forward to your company and sharing what’s on your mind.  What are your favorite Halloween things (besides the candy)?

May your day be filled with joy and creativity and…

Until next time, may happy days abound!



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Poem by Marianne Coyne © 2017 all rights reserved.



River Runs Deep Book Launch

Good day, and I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying a delightful autumn.  I am very excited to announce that my new novella, River Runs Deep is now available on Amazon Kindle!  If you like Hallmark style love stories, you are going to love this.

Added note 10/18/2017:  I forgot to mention that there are two recipes from the story at the end of the book – Elsie’s Rose Water Scones and Catherine’s Peppermint Water.  A little something extra for you to enjoy!

Though it’s a fiction, the foundation of the story is based on an experience I had many, many years ago.  One that I will cherish forever.  I promised to tell you how I came to write this book, so here is the story.

A few days before Mother’s day 2016, I had a dream of an Native American chief.  The dream is mentioned in the book, so I won’t go into detail here.  When I asked him who he was he said, “I am Faith.”  That Mother’s Day, I was working at the store, and stopped by to visit my sweet friend, who worked in another department there before going home.  I wasn’t thinking about the dream, but we were talking and having fun and something reminded me of the sweet encounter I had when I was 20 years old. I hadn’t related the story to anyone in decades, but I told her about it, and without hesitation, she excited announced, “Oh, my gosh, that’s so romantic – that’s your next Hallmark romance story!!”  And a little over a year later, here it is.

For book link, please click here.

Well, I hope you enjoyed that little behind the scenes story.  I gave you the Reader’s Digest version 😉   Be of good cheer, and…

Until next time, may happy days abound!



A Wish for You

Hoping your day is FULL  of pretty!!

Good day, everyone.  Thank you for coming by and for all your lovely comments.  I’m grateful for every one of them.  I’m getting closer to dreams fulfilled and would like to thank you for standing by with me in faith.

Until next time…may happy days abound!

Marianne ♥

Florence & Freddie – House of Cards


Love is in the air tag
by Florence Langley

Good day all, and thank you for strolling by Leisure Lane.  I hope you are all well and enjoying the beginning of autumn!

If you’ve been by here before, you may well know that I love to create cards.  I haven’t done one in a while since working on my book, River Runs Deep – but while I’m waiting to announce it’s very soon publication – I’d like to introduce you to a card-maker I’ve been following for quite some time.

Florence Langley from Florence & Freddie Part 2, is a remarkable stamp enthusiast and creator of cards. The above is her latest tag, Love is in the Air – tag 2.  Her use of stamps, colors, and themes keeps me excited about what she’ll come up with next.  Florence makes her home in Spain, and her charming, creative, sweet nature comes through on her blogs.  On occasion, she’ll entertain us with the antics of the chicks she raises.  You can stop by and see more of what Florence is creating and shout out a “hello” from your “neck of the woods” at

Thank you again for visiting, and…

Until next time, nay happy days abound!


Harvey Update

Hello everyone,

Just a note to let you know that, by the grace of God, I made out just fine during the immense rains near the Houston area of hurricane Harvey.  The only thing lost was TV and Internet.  Please stay in prayer for those who lost so much more.

At this posting I am using someone’s tablet.  I hope to be in touch soon as soon as computers are and up and running again.  During the time we were surrounded by water I finished my book.  In the process of editing.  I hope all is well with all of you. Stay safe and blessed.

Until next time, may happy days abound.







River Runs Deep Update

Good day, friends…

Welcome to Leisure Lane.  I hope everyone is enjoying the last remains of summer, and gearing up for cooler temperatures.  Here in Texas, that’s all we think about – the hope of cooler temperatures.

I’d like to give you all the last update for my newest novella, River Runs Deep.  The next time I post about it, will be to announce it’s availability on Amazon Kindle and Barnes and Noble Nook.  I’m working on Chapter 11, which may be the last chapter, nearing the story’s end.  It’s been a remarkable journey working with the characters, falling in love with them, and feeling their journey toward one another.

As promised, on the book’s release, I will give you the short back story of how this book came to fruition, and I’ll share the gift I gave the sweet muse, who was instrumental in encouraging me to write it.  If you missed the book description, you can view it here

Thank you for strolling by the Lane.  May your day be filled with blessings, and…

Until next time, may happy days abound!

Marianne ♥

Opened Hearts

“Flowers open the door to the heart.”


May your heart be opened to receive every blessed opportunity headed your way today.  If it’s healing, then receive healing; if it’s love, then receive love, if it’s happiness, then receive happiness; if it’s peace, then receive peace; if it’s rest, then receive rest.  To opened hearts, whatever you need comes.  Enjoy a lovely day, and…

Until next time, may happy days abound!


The above quote is by Marianne Coyne©2014

Chocolate Hummus for Chocolate Lovers

Good day, and welcome to Leisure Lane.  I hope you are all enjoying something worth noting – even if it’s in your gratitude journal.  I’m enjoying some yummy-licious chocolate hummus.  If you’ve never had it before and you’re a chocolate lover, then what are you waiting for?  I know there are lots of recipes out there for this scrumptious concoction, but our local grocery store has its own version, and I’m hooked!

I know that you can enjoy chocolate hummus with fruit – strawberries would be wonderful, sure – but a spoon works fine for me.  A little dollop of whipped cream and I’m  indulging in a dessert very similar to chocolate cream pie filling – only healthier.   In fact, I have to remind myself it’s made with beans or I’d eat the whole thing.

I hope you find your indulgence today, whether it’s chocolate hummus, a day at the seashore, or simply relaxing on the patio with a good book.  Whatever it is, enjoy and be happy.

Until next time, may happy days abound!

Marianne ♥

New Book Update

Good day!  I hope you are enjoying your summer.

I’m happy to say that I’m nearing the end of my latest book, River Runs Deep.  I’m including the description to whet the appetite of all you romance lovers out there.  Hallmark, you haven’t seen anything, yet! 🙂  The book should be available by late August to early September.  I’ll keep you updated.  In the meantime, be happy, be well and prosper, and…

Until next time, may happy days abound!


R i v e r    R u n s    D e e p

Artist and part-time grocery employee, Catherine Donahue, is left feeling even more frustrated and disheartened after a drastic change disrupts her already frazzled life.  For years, she had faith things would get better, yet they seem to be getting worse.  But when Catherine rediscovers a long-ago cherished gift hidden under the chaos of her once organized drawers, a secret memory transports her back 23 years to a college, a pow-wow, and Sam – a young Mohawk, who made a single weekend last a lifetime.

As the days ahead bring synchronized hints of Native American connections across Catherine’s path, she ponders their significance.  Is there a possibility she might chance upon her long-lost, beloved weekend companion – or is she indulging in a frivolous fantasy?   And could the coincidence of her newly acquired painting commission hold the key to happiness and a lasting chance at love – or ultimately, to another disappointment?


River Runs Deep©2016

Simple Pleasures

Enjoying simple pleasures today by adding a little extra to ordinary.  May your day reflect some quiet simplicity that adds a bit of extra to an ordinary moment.

Until next time, may happy days abound!


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