Mug Rugs Galore

Autumn ensemble

Good Tuesday, everyone! I’m so glad you’ve strolled by the lane to visit. Since June my hands have been creating all sorts of yarn and fabric goodies. As you can see I’ve been quite busy knitting and crocheting mug rugs galore (also known as dishcloths or pot handle holders). Some to give away and some to keep. Just getting the above photo was worth making them.

I enjoy putting my morning cup of coffee or tea on them – it’s such a cozy feeling.

I’ve been finding good tutorials on Pinterest and learning all sorts of new and simple crochet and knitting patterns that I can practice while making these mug rugs and dishcloths.

Still on my autumn theme, I made this set for my friend, M. and presented them tied together with an autumn bow.

A set of 4 did the trick in the very first diagonal pattern I learned from another friend. I posted the pattern some years ago, but if you didn’t see it, you can get it on my Summer Potholders post. You can whip these babies out in no time and make them any size you desire. It’s a perfect pattern for beginners, too. Trust me, I know…I was a knit-whit ( 😉 ) when it came to knitting.

Since I was learning new patterns, I surprised her in her mailbox with this cute one and a letter of “thanks” for teaching me to knit. She loved it and said it came at a most poignant and perfect time. It made her know God was caring for her. Again, another God-gifting moment. They are amazing!

So, you can see I’ve been having a lot of fun making these in all different colors and patterns.

By the way, aren’t those little spring eggs in wire baskets the sweetest things? I bought them years ago at a small tea room and gift shop.

for my friend, K. (you may know her as Kare, from Kare and Mare).

The Linen Stitch in crochet. This is a very easy stitch and works up very quickly.

Well, that’s all for now. I hope you were inspired to get out the yarn and create something fun for you or a friend. Visit me on Pinterest, where you can find most of these and more crochet and knit patterns. If you try them or have worked these patterns before, please share. I’d love to hear about it.

Thank you for visiting, for your comments, and for your support. I look forward to sharing more fun things with you, so…

Until next time, may happy days abound!



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