Da Daily Dose of Insight

IMG_0368Hello friends,

I don’t know about you, but I can always use a daily dose of insight and encouragement for all aspects of life.  So if you’d like to engage a few moments each day, or whenever the spirit moves you, pop over to DaDailyDose  a wordpress blog, authored by Vincent Ivory.  There you will find food for the soul on many levels.

Vincent is an author, poet, and screenplay writer, as well as author of his blog DaDailyDose.  That’s a lot of creativity going on.  I met Vincent through a faith based social community I recently joined.  We’re all excited there to see this journey unfold.

You’ll find DaDailyDose linked on my sidebar under Worth Visiting, so feel free to check it out.  His latest post is “Just Da Truth…About Strife and How to Deal with It.  Great tool to utilize at work, at home, or in any situation where strife tries to creep in.  Oh, I really love the part where Vincent explains the moment when Martha tries to place her ‘anger’ on Jesus (remember she is upset that her sister Mary isn’t helping her with the cooking and serving), but he doesn’t allow that in; instead , with some TLC, reveals to her that her anger is really about her deeper issues.  I’d never seen it in that light before.  I know you’ll enjoy reading it for yourself.

Thank you for visiting Leisure Lane.  I hope you enjoyed your stroll today.  Until next time, may happy days abound!



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