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Hello friends, and welcome to Leisure Lane…

Today I’m sharing some interesting card ideas that I worked with some years ago.  I had made quite a few different versions with different stamp designs, and I came across some of what I had left over.  Yes, you heard me…stamps…the white paper inserts are handmade ‘paper’ using rubber stamps and glue water.

IMG_1601 Sun stamp paper with an added dry brushing of gold craft paint.

It’s an easy process, so if you’ve never done this before, you might want to give it a try.  All you need is your favorite rubber stamp, some water in a small cup or container (you don’t need a lot).  Add some all purpose craft glue to the water and mix thoroughly.  Then you’ll need some facial tissue or bathroom tissue.  You’ll be adding these in layers.

First turn your stamp rubber side up.  Then lay a piece of tissue over the stamp.  The size of the tissue should exceed the size of the stamp image.  You can always cut or tear away any excess you don’t want.  Then dip a small paint brush in the water/glue mixture and begin dabbing the tissue into the image.  Be careful not to tear the tissue.  Then add another layer using the same process, and continue to desired thickness.

When you’ve completed the desired layers, carefully lift the paper from the image and place on a piece wax paper or other safe item to dry – preferably overnight.  The paper will be stiff and perfect for decorating cards, canvases, etc.  Remember to clean off your rubber stamp and brush with warm soap and water.

IMG_1606You can use the image in its original beautiful white, or you can add color to it, as I’ve done here.  I used some colored powders.

IMG_1603You can also add a bit of ‘fairy dusting’ (glitter) to the image for some extra appeal.

Decorate on cards as desired.  These are really fun to make and have endless possibilities.  I need to make more to have on hand.  I like to have things on hand and then when I want to make something, the only thing needed is imagination.

For the sake of brevity and simplicity, I’ll share another great idea to use on cards in my next post.  I hope you enjoyed this.  If  you’ve done this before, or would like to try it, let me know how you did.  I appreciate your visits and comments.

Until next time, may happy days abound!

Marianne ☼

5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jenn
    Jan 10, 2014 @ 04:05:40

    LOVE this ! Saving this and the following post so I don’t forget! Neat. Can’t wait to try it. Thanks!



  2. Deb
    Dec 17, 2013 @ 13:28:44

    I love your stack of papers they are so beautiful!

    Bee happy x



  3. Brenda
    Dec 13, 2013 @ 18:23:36

    WOW, Marianne, you have been very busy and I have missed a few of your posts. Such awesome crafts you are doing. I’ve very impressed with the elegance. Excited about the Empty, Little Stocking story. I can’t wait to see the final cover. Your writings are a real blessing.
    Merry Christmas my friend.



  4. chrissiesz
    Dec 13, 2013 @ 06:26:52

    This looks like an amazing idea Marianne and I can’t wait to have a go.
    Thank you so much for sharing it.

    I am not up yet as it is only 6.30am here and it feels cold.

    Take care. Love Chrissie xx



    • Marianne
      Dec 13, 2013 @ 15:15:30

      I know how wonderful it feels to stay snuggled and cozy in the bed on a cold morning. Oh, do let me know it you try this technique. It’s always a pleasure to visit with you. xo



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