A Beautiful Morning

Gerber Daisy 2

Good morning friends,

This lovely morning inspired a little song out of me today, so I thought I’d share it with you in the hopes of brightening your corner of the world.  Isn’t the Gerber Daisy pretty?  It’s growing in a big patio pot along with some other friends.  Enjoy the song, which you are welcomed to put any tune to that pops into your head.

A Beautiful, Beautiful Morning

It’s a beautiful, beautiful morning.
A beautiful, beautiful day.
It’s a beautiful, beautiful morning.
I must be on my way.
The sun is shining so brightly,
The sky is blue and clear.
It’s a beautiful, beautiful morning
To give the Lord a cheer!

Copyright© Marianne Coyne 2013

A Little Something Extra

OreganoOver the winter my Italian Oregano plant did very well.  Then in early spring I trimmed it back, and it’s now bursting with color and delicious leaves.  I think it’s a delightfully pretty thing, and I’m very grateful for it.  Oh, and when I bought it over 2 years ago, it was on sale for only $1.00!  I love the fresh leaves on salads, in scrambled eggs, etc., but I also trim it, dry the leaves, and keep them in the pantry.  They come in handy for many recipes.

If you’d like to know more about the health benefits and other ideas, click here to see a previous post on the Italian Oregano plant.

Thank you for visiting me here at Leisure Lane.  I am quite delighted when you share stories with me in your comments.  They really brighten my day, and make me feel so much closer to all of you.

May God bless and protect you, and…

Until next time, may happy days abound!

Marianne ♥


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Brenda
    May 21, 2013 @ 11:29:30

    Your Italian Oregano looks very healthy and I can almost smell it’s aroma. Your song is VERY delightful! I sang it a few times, but I always add HOORAY at the end. 🙂



  2. Jenn
    May 16, 2013 @ 19:59:48

    Love your song and the photo of the daisy … daisies are one of my favorite flowers – they are just happy flowers! I’ve tried growing herbs – but they grow and I don’t use them fast enough …. 😦

    I just logged into my blog and do what I usually do “delete spam” and saw your latest comment was in my spam folder. I tried to read really fast and tried to stop the delete …. I didn’t get much read … I’m so sorry. Sorry I missed what you had to say. Sorry I deleted it and sorry to tell you I did so. If you have a chance to let me know what you said (again)… I’d really appreciate it. 😦 I feel awful. And, I have a post coming up about spam and deleting it … not sure when that post comes up but … I’m thinking about that now.

    Happy Day – your daisy and poem/song sure do that! Thanks for sharing it!!




  3. Yesteryear Embroideries
    May 16, 2013 @ 19:16:41

    So lovely! Love the poem. i am trying to get some herbs to grow outside. Yours looks wonderful!



  4. Deb
    May 16, 2013 @ 16:01:58

    Love your flower picture 🙂 I always look at the fresh herbs in the supermarket, must get some on my next visit.

    Bee happy x



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