An Unexpected Surprise

     (Leisure Lane)

Hello friends…

Yesterday afternoon I went for a walk.  The weather was slightly cooler, and the sun finally got over months of shyness and decided to grace us with its shining glorious face.  It was a wonderful walk, and as usual, the Lord and I had a conversation.  Well actually, I did most of the talking (as usual), but I think that He allows me that indulgence because He knows that I’m making some spiritual discovery…which I did, but I’ll tell you about that later in the post.

On returning from my walk I checked my email, and discovered a wonderful surprise.  Jenn, from Peacorn, Popnuts, Soda Gum, and Chewing Water, had written a post about me and my book, The Christmas Pin Society.  I say in my post title “Unexpected” surprise, but actually I’ve learned to expect the best from Spirit.  You see, expecting the best manifests the best.  So God’s been asking me to make my expectations big and glorious.   So I suppose the unexpectedness is in the venue.  In other words, I never know through which conduit the blessings will flow.

Jenn is a woman of faith, and like most of us, she’s learning daily what that really means.  Oh, I don’t mean just for the big stuff, but how to apply, claim, and receive for even the everyday seemingly small stuff…because you see, that’s where faith for the big stuff begins.  Jenn is a prolific writer about these amazing life lessons, and invites anyone to join her on this journey of discovery.

And Jenn writes about all of Life’s journey…from recipes and helpful how tos to the vintage family items she’s so carefully kept.

And she does it all with a unique style.  Even the name of her blog, Peacorn, Popnuts, Soda Gum, and Chewing Water, tends to make one give a second glance.  I won’t tell you how she came to that title…I’ll let her tell it in her own words here.

But what I find interesting about Jenn’s thinking, and I might add kindred to my own, is that she manages to see a spiritual connection in everyday things, which she profoundly incorporates into her writing.

Which brings me back to the earlier point about spiritual discoveries.  Some revelations are actually concepts we’ve already known about, but someone might say something, or one might experience something that lends a whole new light on it…makes it ‘click’, so to speak.

So here I was on my walk, letting things go, claiming my good, and letting God handle the details, enjoying nature and the beautiful day.  I noticed that I felt freer and lighter, because I wasn’t weighed down with all the clothes from my job – the coat, the apron, the things I carry, the bundled underclothes necessary to keep warm in that environment.  And I thought about how our material life, mirrors our spiritual life.  That perhaps once I truly release the heavy laden burdens within me, I will no longer need the job which requires the heavy laden clothes.

Freedom within means freedom without.  Lightness within means lightness without.  Our emotions, thoughts, and words, manifest for us exactly what we are creating from within.  I’m ready.  I’m ready for the freedom, for the lightness, for the greatness of God within me to create His expected best, and some very ‘unexpected’ surprises.

I encourage you to drop by Jenn’s blog.  Who knows what surprises you might experience there.

Thank you, Jenn.  And until next time, may happy days abound!



5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Susan
    Apr 30, 2012 @ 15:16:54

    ohhh i always crave on spiritual journey, it’s like a food to my soul, i cant go a day without meditating even just for 5mins in silent, talking to GOD and feeling the lightness and it’s like a burden has been lifted off me, there are days that i couldn’t do that at all and it makes me restless, confused and very easily angered, so i try to do it as often as i could, the body needs worldly food, the soul needs spiritual food. Lovely post as usual and very uplifting and positive!




  2. Vicki Thompson
    Mar 24, 2012 @ 17:23:00

    Hi, Marianne, I am right there with you on that spiritual journey. Your thoughts on spiritual “lightness” really meant a lot to me today as I often find myself wanting to “hold on” to the heaviness instead of letting God have control. Thank you for sharing with me today. We are having a beautiful spring day here in Central Texas. Hope it is pretty there in your “neck of the woods”! I loved hearing your memories of sewing with your sweet momma. My momma sewed all of our clothes when I was growing up! Vicki



  3. Lynn at Cottage and Creek
    Mar 23, 2012 @ 23:28:56

    Great post, Marianne. So great. I love your insight into lightness inside translating to lightness outside. And don’t we all crave freedom from burdens, whatever form they take? God is doing a marvelous work is His children these days. I see it more and more and I’m marveling at it. I wonder what’s in store for us? Thanks for sharing the revelation God brought to you today. I’m going to head downstairs for some supper and ponder it all. I was just sitting here working and feeling sorry for myself (again). You’ve “snapped me out of it” and I thank you. I’ll visit Jenn in a bit.



  4. Deb
    Mar 23, 2012 @ 08:37:06

    I’ll hop over to this blog now and take a look, have a wonderful weekend sweetie 🙂

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!



  5. Jenn
    Mar 23, 2012 @ 02:30:16

    As always I enjoyed reading what you wrote about a blogger, but this time that blogger is me. That’s a very unique feeling. Wow. Seeing my photos and hearing about me caused me to think, ‘that’s mine’ or ‘that’s me’? Raised my eyebrows – in my own surprise! I had to read it twice because it was such a great read (which I sometimes do), and to let it sink in about me and my blog. I’m glad I was a part of blessing you. I’m just sitting here nodding my head up and down and then smiling at the whole thing. Very neat experience, huh? And, I thoroughly enjoyed you sharing your walk and the thoughts this brought together. Great illustration in the heavy clothing and burdens. Being involved in this causes your post to have a very unique impact on me. Still have my eyebrows raised. Wow. Thanks, so very, very much.



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