Artful Affirmation Beauty

Hello friends,

Look what was waiting for me when I got home from work!  Isn’t it a beauty?  As a lucky winner of Artful Affirmations June giveaways, I won the Marie Matchbox.

Most of you know Terri, from Artful Affirmations, and are acquainted with her delightful creativity.  If not, you must stop by her blog.  I promise you won’t be disappointed!  She’s an exquisitely talented woman, with an equally exquisite  blog full of free tutorials, lovely art, a most beautiful tea cup collection, and much more. But don’t take my word for it, stop by and see for yourself.

The Marie matchbox was delicately created.  It arrived wrapped in pink tissue with this lovely white tulle and gorgeous rose!

The cover is exquisite, don’t you think?  The bow, the Marie portrait, the paper decoration makes for such a beauty,and I just adore the tiny Parisian tag.  Let’s open it and see what’s inside!!

I found all sorts of pretty single flowers, and the handmade ribbon roses are superb!  Lovely and delicate floral, paper, and sequin strips were gently nestled within.  And look, another smaller, decorative matchbox, which was was filled with all sorts of goodies of a variety of shapes and sizes!

And there’s more!  Laces, ribbons, silk leaves, romantic labels, all things French, and so much more.  And all of the colors and textures are delightfully cheerful.

And let’s not forget this little darling!

Thank you, Terri for your extraordinary generosity.  I promise that every beautiful item will be used and enjoyed.  I’ve been engaged in creating some very nice projects, and these will come in very handy for my near future delights.

Thank you all for letting me share with you today.  If you would like to see many more beautiful items, click over to see Terri, and say “hello” while you’re there.

Tomorrow I’ll be announcing a new item in My Little Bloomin’ Shop, so until next time, may happy days abound!



6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Brenda
    Jul 13, 2011 @ 20:33:40

    WOW, what a lovely gift! There are soooo many treasures in this one little gift! You are so deserving of this beautiful gesture. I can’t wait to see what you do with all the little goodies. From one beautiful creation many more will follow!



  2. Susan
    Jul 12, 2011 @ 14:47:19

    beautiful gifts!! lucky you!! Terri is a talented and amazing crafter, she’s so creative, so so lovely!!




  3. Lisa
    Jul 11, 2011 @ 22:54:58

    I just now looked at your roses with your little poem. It’s pretty and cute 🙂 Your blog has a happy vibe to it. :-p



  4. Lynn at Cottage and Creek
    Jul 11, 2011 @ 21:42:02

    What a wonderful gift you received, Marianne! Congratulations!! Teri’s work is beautiful and all the little goodies are so charming. You’re a lucky girl! I can’t wait to see what you’ve been sewing too. Your latest project looks real cute from your photo.
    xo … Lynn



  5. Jori
    Jul 11, 2011 @ 17:14:31

    What a beautiful package! You are a lucky girl!



  6. Kathryn Ross
    Jul 11, 2011 @ 17:05:20

    Lovely – simply lovey! Terri is amazing! What inspiration in a small package! Thanks for sharing all the generous details!
    Miss Kathy



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