Handmade Thursday ~ Suitcase Card

Hello Friends,

Today I’m joining Handmade Thursday.  This is a card that I made for my son’s dad this Father’s Day…he really liked it.  This was posted already this month, but I revised it for Handmade Thursday, until I can gather up some other of the handmade items.  For those of you who have already seen it, my apologies, and for those of you who haven’t, I hope you enjoy it and can take some ideas from it.

I’ve been getting home late from work lately, so that leaves little time for eating and resting, let alone crafting anything.  But at work I had a good idea for a father’s day card that I just had to do.  So I gathered together some objects,  and created this ‘suitcase’ card.

Isn’t it wonderful about creating that during the process an idea will begin to change or evolve with each step?  I’m always amazed by that.

Remember how vintage suitcases were stamped with all the different places traveled?  I love the muted green color of the scrapbook paper I glued to the card stock.  It already had a variegated aged look which was perfect.  The handle I made with a pipe cleaner with cloth binding glued around it.

I happened to have an aged looking coin which has an elephant imprinted on it and the word Somalia on the front.  On the back is printed ‘1950 Roma 1 centecimo’.  It is a coin minted in Rome when Somalia was an Italian Protectorate. The coin I have happens to be ‘marred’ with two holes in it…but perfect to hang from the handle.  I wanted to make a tag also.  Maybe I’ll have time before heading out to work today.

My son’s dad is a very talented musician, so inside the card I wrote: “Happy Father’s Day to the world’s most talented Dad!” I had lots of different sayings that were really good, but this one seemed to work best for the moment.  Then I stamped gold and black musical notes around the inside.

I had so much fun doing this.  It brought back lots of crafting memories…I only wish that I didn’t have to do it ’til one in the morning, that I had better lighting and my extra glasses because I couldn’t see what the heck I was doing!!!

Anyway, this is the result.  Thank you for visiting Leisure Lane, and until next time, may happy days abound!



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  1. Kathryn Ross
    Jul 09, 2011 @ 15:16:17

    You got that right about not being able to see what you’re doing! My eyes seem worse and worse – but still I plod along with visually intensive projects.

    Hi, Marianne! So glad you visited me today at The Writer’s Reverie and was able to identify with that unique place of prayer and worship Christian artists share. Connecting with our Creator God in the intimate zone of creating in the image of our Father is peculiar, to be sure. But, it is something I have always understood in deep places – and have not been altogether successful in explaining to others. Built on conventional foundations in God’s Word, I have always felt closest to God when I’ve been in the place of creating. Words flow through my fingers and I don’t know where they come from – but I can produce them, then look back, and wonder as I know I am just not that clever. God, on the other hand, is brilliant – and He is glorified. My crafting is often the same – I feel my way through things – anticipating God’s inspiration to meet me where the glue hits the paper, or the thread hits the fabric, or the idea turns tangible.

    Love your fairies! I’m planning to do something whimsical involving the we folk I imagine might live under my nifty mushrooms I’m finding in my backyard – and photographing up close and personal. I am especially tickled at all the wiry curls you crown them with – they look like me!

    Hope you come back and follow as I shall be doing so at Leisure Lane. Looking forward to more tutorials to feed on!

    Miss Kathy



  2. jane
    Jul 08, 2011 @ 11:42:34

    Beautiful card x



  3. Susan
    Jul 07, 2011 @ 19:57:07

    what an effort to make such a beautiful card till one in the morning! but of course the result is amazing, it makes it worth your while, i absolutely loving it and could never get tired seeing it again and again, I love the marred coins, it makes it more beautiful and i love everything vintage! i do know what ur saying about making something and you had an idea but then it evolves to something else! it has your special touch! have a wonderful day and i do hope you get alot of rest! xx Susan



  4. theanamumdiary
    Jul 07, 2011 @ 16:48:40

    Oh my goodness, I really love it! I love old vintage suitacases anyway. What a lovely gift, you’ve put so much thought into it 🙂



  5. Tracy
    Jul 07, 2011 @ 15:52:51

    That is absolutely stunning! I’m glad he hasn’t put it away, like mum of all trades said, it’s too nice to hide away!

    Thank you for linking up!



  6. Marianne
    Jul 07, 2011 @ 14:03:17

    The nice thing is that he didn’t put it away, and still has it out near his music computer for all to see everyday.



  7. mum of all trades
    Jul 07, 2011 @ 13:44:28

    Love the card, it would be beautiful in a little frame, its too nice to put away.



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