Tea Poem and More

Good day, dear friends,

For this Teacup Tuesday I would like to share with you a cup of tea, some good fortune, and one of my tea poems.  Enjoy!

A Cup of Tea

It’s nice to have a cup of tea
And share our thoughts…don’t you agree?

It’s nice to take a sip or two
And think of reason’s I like you.

So since you don’t live near to me,
I’m sending you this cup of tea.

And when you take your sip or two
Remember I’ll have thoughts of you.


copyright©2007 Marianne Coyne

For more Teacup Tuesday, don’t forget to visit our hosts, Artful Affirmations and Martha’s Favorites.  They always have lovely things to show.  And when there you can visit other delightful sites with all sorts of teacups and other wonders.

Also, don’t forget to stop by Tea Pages, that wonderful blog of tea reviews, news, and more.  Katrina has just released a video book promo (on her Feb. 1st post) for her upcoming book “A Tea Reader”, which will be released this year.  It should be a very interesting read.

Thank you for allowing me into your lives today for some sharing and fun. My Wedgwood Wednesday idea has been a bit scattered.  So I hope to share some items tomorrow, as St. Valentines Day is approaching and I have some goodies for that occasion.

Until next time, may happy days abound.

Marianne ♥


6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Martha's Favorites!
    Feb 11, 2011 @ 03:43:09

    Wow! I love your Wedgewood. I have a few pieces, mostly in pink. Yours are so beautiful. Thank you for sharing. I love your tea cup post as well. You always make it special. I feel like you were praying and blessing me during your comments. It really made me feel so good. Thank you so much for your ssupport! Blessings, Martha



  2. Susan
    Feb 09, 2011 @ 07:40:22

    what a lovely teacup and a very nice poem! i love fortune cookies too and the rose is a lovely touch. Thanks for sharing and thanks for dropping by my blog 🙂



  3. Marie's Maison
    Feb 09, 2011 @ 03:23:04

    What a cute post. My husband is a poet so I appreciate your poetry and tea!



  4. Terri
    Feb 09, 2011 @ 02:44:56

    I love your post and your poem! I am happy to share a cup of tea with you.
    Thank you so much for joining in today!
    I wish I had some Wedgwood to share, but I don’t have any but one little ash tray! I will come and see anyways.



  5. carollturner@live.com
    Feb 08, 2011 @ 23:43:29

    Thank you for sharing your tea, I sit down every afternoon and have a cup, so glad I had company today. You asked about the mosaic butter dish. It is the first time I have done one. I put a sealer on it like you would put a sealer on the grout on a tile floor, so I would not submerge it in water, but you could certainly take a damp sponge and sponge it off. thank you for your sweet comments.




  6. Debbie
    Feb 08, 2011 @ 20:08:08

    What a lovely tea post!! Great poem!




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